Cheap RWD Cars Under $1000

You shouldn’t have to waste your time because you’re on a restricted budget including the condition of only RWD cars. When it comes to passion automobiles in need of restoration, there’s an entire universe out there, and these 10 models are definitely worth your time.

So here is the List of Cheap RWD Cars Under $1000

RWD Toyota MR2 (1990 – 1998)

Cheap RWD Cars Under $1000

The Toyota MR2 was the vehicle that first flipped the inexpensive sports car industry upside down. Prior to its introduction in 1984, two-seater mid-engine sportsters were only available to individuals with six-figure incomes. Toyota revolutionized all of that, allowing the average person to purchase something really unusual in terms of equipment, if not in appearance.

The automobile was a revelation on the road, one of the few that you couldn’t stand seeing idle in the driveway. An automobile that demanded to be pushed hard. Owning one was one of those rare modern-day thrills – a true driving experience. Normally, that would require a pipe dream, a pool win, or a fairy godmother bank manager. The MR2 was the low-cost exception.

  • Maximum power: 154 HP
  • Maximum torque: 186 Nm
  • Top Speed: 220 Km/h / 137 Mph

RWD 2003 Ford Crown Victoria 

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor by far is the best value for my money. It is solidly built, and smooth. The ride handles the road because it is a real police car. It’s just the right size and has very comfortable seats.

 The styling is plain but attractive for a boat. It screams highway cruiser. Look, this is a big, easy-riding, comfortable, safe, boat that is squarely the last generation. But, it’s so easy to drive and maintain. A great car for trips and while that back seat is strangely small, it’s still adequate and bigger than most mid-size cars today.

If you’re looking for a crossover in this segment, put this one on your shortlist to test drive.

  • Maximum power: 220 HP
  • Maximum torque: 370 Nm
  • Top Speed: 214 km/h / 133 mph

RWD 2001 Chevrolet Blazer LS

Cheap RWD Cars Under $1000

Chevrolet introduced the S-10 Blazer, the first contemporary small sport-utility vehicle, in 1982. Nineteen years later, the Blazer is still a top seller in one of the most competitive automobile markets. With just one good glance, it’s easy to understand why the appealing Blazer has such enduring appeal. The Blazer, which is powered by a strong 4.3-liter, 190-horsepower V6 and comes with many suspension options, may be adjusted to particular demands, with two-wheel or four-wheel drive, two or four doors.

  • Maximum power: 190 HP
  • Maximum torque: 340 Nm
  • Top Speed: 211 km/h / 130 mph


RWD 2006 Ford Expedition Limited

The Ford Expedition was debuted with much fanfare the same year, quickly winning over purchasers who had previously only had GM SUVs based on the decade-old C/K truck frame. The Expedition was stiffer, powered by more contemporary overhead cam engines, and proportioned to fit perfectly between Chevrolet and GMC’s SUV twins.

The Expedition was entirely overhauled for 2003. The new Expedition competes advantageously with SUVs from General Motors, Nissan, and Toyota, delivering family-friendly amenities and creature comforts not seen in competitor cars. It is larger, more comfortable, more polished, and simpler to drive. The super-sized 2006 Ford Expedition has a lot to enjoy, and anyone looking for a vehicle of this size should definitely consider it.

All Expedition models come standard with a 5.4-liter V8 that makes 300 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. Although a little sluggish down low, this engine is extremely smooth, quiet and rich in midrange torque.

  • Maximum power: 300 HP
  • Maximum torque: 328 Nm
  • Top Speed: 246 km/h / 155 mph

RWD 2001 Jaguar XJ 4dr Sdn

This is elegance. This is called prestige. This is respect. The Jaguar XJ8 Sedan is shown here. With a little imagination, it becomes completely normal to imagine Prince Charles and Her Majesty The Queen slipping out of Buckingham Palace in an XJ8 for scones and a tour of Westminster Abbey.

The XJ8 is built in England and continues the design characteristics established in the three decades since XJ sedans were released. The distinctive Jaguar grille, four-headlight front end, notoriously sensual shape, and chrome leaper on the hood are all there. This vehicle is elegant and sophisticated.

  • Maximum power: 290 HP
  • Maximum torque: 390 Nm
  • Top Speed: 240 km/h / 149 mph

RWD 2005 Cadillac STS v8

Cheap RWD Cars Under $1000

Cadillac’s full-size sedan completes the luxury brand’s self-proclaimed revival with a slew of performance attributes, including rear-wheel drive and two potent engine options. Cutting-edge style, opulent interior features, and optional all-wheel-drive have elevated GM’s flagship to the level of the best in Europe and Japan.

  • Maximum power: 320 HP
  • Maximum torque: 430 Nm
  • Top Speed: 240 km/h / 155 mph

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