Best Cheap Cars In London Under 1000 Pounds

Best Cheap cars in London Under 1000 pounds, you can get and choose many old car models, but the question is what brand, model and year would be the best under 1000 pounds, in addition what other matters need to be considered before select any car.

New drivers and teens who just pass the driving license are typically the class who wants low budget but reliable cars.

Best cheap cars in London under 1000 pounds cannot be getting easily, a lot of research and patience would be needed in order to get good condition with complete Mot.

Selection of wrong car could cost you more than you can anticipate, frequently repair and maintenance cost. In London with low co2 rules and regulation could affect a lot on old cars.

Criteria of best cars in London under 1000

  • Available features and specification
  • Car current condition (exterior and interior)
  • Repair and maintenance history (Mot)
  • Current Market sale and resale value
  • Inspection of Engine condition ( How TO check ENGINE)
  • CO2
  • Estimated Price

All cars selection based on above stated criteria.

1)      Vauxhall Corsa 2004-2008

Corsa can be described as one of the best among small cars category, Corsa stated year models offer comfort, reliability and the most important, fuel efficient. However the Corsa also available in diesel engine with the same features with more fuel economical and less market value than the petrol variant.

Estimated price: 650 – 950 in Pounds

It’s up to you to check about these listed features and specs are at working condition including seats upholstery, dash board, internal roof sheet, trunk and many others.

Features and Specification Vauxhall Corsa 2004-2008
Engine 1229- Petrol- 80.1 BHP
Body type Hatch back
Fuel Average 48 MPG
Co2 Emission 139g/km
Total Seats 5
Total Doors 3
Top Speed 110 Miles
Air Bags Front and Passenger
Infotainment Audio Player
Brakes Disc
Air condition / Heater Manual
Seat Height Adjustment Front seats
Power windows 2 door power windows
Power steering Hydraulic
Power Assisted Steering Standard

2)      Ford Focus 2004 -2007

Available in many variant, started production in 1999 and became the top selling car in 2002 England. Focus famous for his performance, fuel economical and features. In England market value of focus is very high, it can be sold at no time. Best car to buy for new and unprofessional drivers.

Focus available variants are hatchback 3 and 5 door, sedan and convertible with the engine of 1.6 and 1.8 petrol and diesel.

To Find the Best cheap cars in London under 1000 isn’t easily, it requires a lot of search for good car.

Estimated price: 650 to 999 in Pounds

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The standard features available in all focus variants are:

Features and Specification Ford Focus
Engine 1596cc, 1999cc Petrol- 1556cc, 1753cc Diesel
Engine Power 99.5BHP,143BHP- 107BHP, 114BHP
Co2 153g/km, 183g/km-127g/km, 137g/km
Fuel Average 48MPG, 35MPG- 52MPG- 46MPG
Body Type Hatchback- Convertible and Sedan
Air bags 2 Front and Passenger Side
Infotainment Audio CD Player
Brakes ABS
Power Windows Standard on All variants
Power steering Hydraulic
Air condition/ Heater Manual

3)      Volkswagen Golf 2002-2006

Another Britain the most popular car, available in petrol and diesel with 5 and 3 door hatch back, famous for his handling, good smooth ride with luxury touch to some areas. Golf sale and resale market in London are good, however the condition of the car could affect the price and the time to sale and resale.

Golf comes with more features and specification than the listed ones, however if the budget is more than 1k then can consider polo or above 2006 year model. Golf availability in the market under 1k is less than most of the cars.

Estimated Price: 800 to 999 in Pounds

Features and Specification Golf 2002-2006
Engine 1390cc Petrol- 74BHP
Top Speed 102MPG
Body type Hatch Back
CO2 168g/km
Fuel Average 41 MPG
Air bags Front Driver and Passenger
Brakes ABS
Air condition / Heater Manual
Power windows Standard
Power Steering Electric
Front Rain Sensor Standard
Immobilizer Standard
Infotainment Audio CD Player
Brakes ABS+EBS

4)      Ford Fiesta: 2003- 2006

Focus and fiesta took the number one spot in 2015 and 2016 in Britain market, highly efficient, Fiesta requires less or low repair and maintenance including satisfactory resale value.

Estimated Price: 999 or above in Pounds

Features and Specification  


Ford Fiesta: 2003- 2006


Engine 1388cc- Petrol- 79.1 BHP
Body type Hatch back
Fuel Average 40 MPG
Co2 Emission 153g/km
Total Seats 5
Total Doors 3
Top Speed 104 Miles
Air Bags Only Driver side
Infotainment Audio Player
Brakes Disc
Air condition / Heater Manual
Power windows Only Front Doors

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5)      Toyota Yaris 2004-2007

Yaris is much better car than Nissan Micra, Peugeot and Celio at this range with these years of model, Provide excellent drive, Small 1000cc VVT-I engine is highly fuel efficient, it also offer good space for 4 persons. Yaris market value is not as good as other listed cars. However for newly driver this one would be one of the most comfortable car to drive.

Estimated Price: 700 To 999 in Pounds

Features and Specification  


Toyota Yaris 2004-2007


Engine 996cc- Petrol- 65.1 BHP
Body type Hatch back
Fuel Average 50 MPG
Co2 Emission 136g/km
Total Seats 5
Top Speed 96 Miles
Air Bags Driver and Passenger side
Infotainment Audio Player
Brakes ABS
Air condition / Heater Manual
Power windows All Four Doors

Nissan Micra and Renault Celio do offer many features under 1000 pounds, however the drawback of these cars are little or nil market value, less comfortable than most of the cars in the stated list, cheap material has been used, require frequent repair and maintenance.

BMW I3 2001 to 2002 models can be available in the market under 1000 pounds, if someone wants then make sure the car is at good condition, high repair and maintenance cost can exceed the current market value of the car, so always inspect the car

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