How To Do A Used Car Inspection

How To Do A Used Car Inspection: Listed below are the details to provide the way to check car inspection.

It helps to inspect car in many ways which give the audience a better view of the vehicle.

Many people prefers to buy used car instead of new one because its cheaper and many other reasons which is listed below would affect the customer to attract more on used car rather than new one and some of the reasons are.

  • Less Finance Availability (affordability)
  • Newly purchased car selling price ( sudden price downfall)
  • Monthly lease payment (high mark up)

 Steps of How To Do A Used Car Inspection

Therefore people around the world attracted to used cars, but buying a used car is not as easy as buying a brand new one.


  • Correct valuation of the car
  • Car engine condition
  • Major accidental or not
  • Original and complete documents

Here is not possible to tell every aspect of the car before to buy, but some points as mentioned above are going to tell you in detail hopefully it will helps the car buyer to inspect before purchase.

Car Engine


The most important part of the car is engine without good engine; car is useless and needs major repair maintenance in order to get the car on feet.

Not everyone can check the engine whether are in good shape or need repair maintenance therefore some details as mentioned below will provide some assistance to the audience to get to know the engine.

How to check engine

  • First check out the level of engine oil. (not hundred precent effective)
  • If the engine oil level down from standard level then the engine is weak.
  • Check engine by giving acceleration  without gear and observe whether the car taking out white smoke from the silencer if the white smoke is coming persistently then the engine is again weak and want major repair maintenance.
  • Bigun is another thing that sometime produce noise in the time of acceleration it also represents that full engine need to be replace, noise in the form of (Tuk, Tuk)

How to check accidental or not


  • Open the front engine bonnet and look at both corners of the car where the shocks from upper sides are fitted,
  • Any changes in the corner could be skeptical
  • Any change in the Rest belt can also be check to identify any issues regarding accident
  • Others are pointed out in the image

How to check outer body color Repaint


This is the one of the major and most difficult part of the car that cannot be asses easily, however let me highlight it about how to check it

  • Always check the color car in the day at noon this is the best time to identify which part of the car body is repaint or not
  • Be focus and match the color of the body with each part from last part.
  • Get some advice from the experts about the color of the car.

How to check documents

Documents of the car vary from country to country therefore get some advice from expert would be a good option to make sure that everything is correct, however some details I would provide you for some idea.

  • There is an engine and chassis number written on the car book and stamped beneath the engine.
  • Verification can be check easily by matching book number with the engine.
  • Other documents can be check from motor vehicle authority if it needs to be.

How to check valuation

Can be best determine by considering all above matters + current market value at the time of buying or selling a car.

All these details  about how to do a used car inspection are simply to help the audience before to buy a car and let me remind  the readers of this article, that these are not the conclusive and wholly matters to be check, other related matters needs to be assess before making any decision.

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