3 Ways to Fix Trac Off And Check Engine Light Toyota Tacoma

There are certain problems that might be caused by the Trac off and check engine light on Toyota Tacoma, so here we listed down the major reason and explanation of why it happened and how to fix it.

If an error code causes the Check Engine light to illuminate, the “VSC Off” and “VSC TRAC” lights will frequently illuminate. It doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with such programs. If they all appeared at the same time, diagnosing the source of the Check Engine light is likely to solve them all.

Modern OBD2 vehicles, especially the Toyota Tacoma, can be extremely sensitive to minor issues. A loose gas cap is a frequent cause for these 4runners to behave as if the end of the universe is approaching.

You must first determine the source of the problem before investing money on parts.

It’s so easy to throw a bunch of money down the drain by replacing parts you think are the problem. Searching the internet will turn up tons of results saying that a new gas cap will turn your check engine light off.

The truth is that if your check engine light is on and you need a new O2 sensor, it won’t help (or any other problem). To find out what’s causing the dreaded light to come on, you’ll need to take the diagnostic trouble codes from your device.

Examining The Cause Of Trac Off And Check Engine Light Toyota Tacoma

The best thing about modern cars (1996 and newer) is that if you ask them, they’ll tell you what’s wrong. Your car’s computer can store some diagnostic problem codes when your check engine light (or CEL for short) is illuminated.

Some vehicles will actually have tricky procedures to make these codes show up in the odometer readout. Many Chrysler cars and trucks will do that by turning the ignition on and off a certain number of times at specific intervals.

Your best bet is to purchase a cheap code reader. You’ll probably need it again in the future, and they’re much easier to use.

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The Innova 3030 is my preferred code reader. It’s a simple device that connects to your vehicle’s diagnostic port and displays any problem codes as well as if any of your computer’s monitors are operational.

The Most Common Trouble Codes Of Trac Off And Check Engine Light Toyota Tacoma

These 3 Trouble codes are directly relevant to the gas cap.


Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (no purge flow or large leak)


Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow


Engine Control System Malfunction

The two P0 codes point to a leak in the emissions system. Technically it could be in the filler neck, or the line to the charcoal canister, but the majority of the time it’s simply a leaky gas cap. Either an improperly installed cap or a worn-out one.

The C1201 code is the one that tells the vehicle to turn on the check engine light and disable the traction and VSC. Basically, when the other two codes pop up, this one is in charge of letting you know there’s a problem. Fixing the other codes should also fix this one since they’re the ones that caused it.

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And How To Fix It…

Gas Cap

  • Fix #1: Tighten the gas cap
  • Fix #2: Clean and grease the gas cap’s seal (Cap was leaking, but maybe just slightly. The rubber seal on the cap looked pretty dry and worn, so better to clean and apply a bit of grease to soften it up.

You can disconnect the positive (red) cable on the battery for about 3 min. To reset it.

In both fixes, you need to reset it, however, if the problem remains unfixed then go for

  • Fix #3: Purchase an aftermarket gas cap

If you see trouble codes other than the above stated then it could be another problem and cannot solve after performing any of fix 1, 2 or 3…

Other Troubling Codes Occur Against This Problem


P2441 is an OBD-II code for the engine control module (ECM) detecting no exhaust pulse while monitoring the exhaust pressure sensor when the bank 1 switching valve is commanded to be open with the engine running. This will signal a fault in the system.

And How To Fix It…

  • Replacing the air control valve for the secondary air injection system bank one
  • Replacing the exhaust pressure sensor to the secondary air injection system for bank one
  • Repairing wiring or connections to the air injection system as directed by pinpoint tests
  • Repairing any exhaust manifold or pipe leaks in the system

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