Top 10 Selling Cars in Australia 2017-18

Australia is a very comprehensive automobile market where many car manufacturers are dying to take the biggest bite. The competition is not tough, it is cutthroat.The following list of top 10 selling cars in Australia 2017-18 has been compiled with the help of the statistics released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries for sales during the month of April 2017-18.

1.   Toyota Hilux

More than 3,400 units of Toyota Hilux has been sold. The vehicle is a tough specimen which features all the modern gadgets. The interior is spacious and comfortable. Australian buyers have shown great interest in this car since it was first introduced in the market. The car also features noise control and advanced technological features. The drive is smooth and satisfying.

2.   Ford Ranger

This vehicle is a powerhouse and it shows in its appearance. However, this does not affect either the comfort or the overall functionality of the vehicle. In fact, the main aspect of the car’s design is based on comfort provision and maximum drive satisfaction. As a runner-up, the Ford Ranger has sold more than 3,100 units in Australia.

3.   Toyota Corolla

This vehicle is extremely popular in Australia. With more than 2,500 units sold in April, 2017, the Toyota Corolla comes third in our list. Despite being a small car it offers many fine features like lower cost for running and maintenance. The look is rather sporty while the drive is agile.

4.   Mazda3

Mazda3 is a car which is manufactured in Japan. It is also a very poplar car in Australia. It sold more than 2,300 units. One of the most attractive features of the car is the center console. This results in more storage space. The steering wheel is also redesigned. Control buttons offers an enjoyable ride.

5.   Mazda CX-5

Mazda has done rather well in the Australian market. The second Mazda model to make it into the list of top selling cars in Australia is the Mazda CX-5. In April, it sold around 2,000 units in the country. One of the stellar features of Mazda CX-5 is the driving pop-up display which shows the speed of the vehicle, traffic signs recognition, and navigation information display. The best thing is that the driver can see all of this in the straight line of sight.

6.   Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30 managed to sell 1,979 units in the Australian market during the month of April 2017. This car offers some great features allowing it to stand out as a great unit among its peers. For all those commuters who are obsessed with high-tech gadgets and modern devices, the new i30 has wireless charging which is compatible with all the smart phones compatible with Qi. There is an 8-inch touch screen fitted in the car which has some of the best features available.

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7.   Toyota Camry

Camry is a car that needs no introduction. It has also managed to find a place in the list of top selling cars in Australia 2017. It was also named the bestselling car made in Australia. Toyota Camry has a very good reputation in Australia. Recently, the model has added some modern features coupled with an aerodynamic style. Moreover, the Camry offers a lot of interior space rendering it as a competitive unit. It also offers high-tech navigation and multimedia facilities.

8.   Holden Colorado

Holden has made its way into the selling of top selling cars with the help of around 2,000 units sold in April 2017. Its exterior is rather tough; however, the interior offers the best comfort features. It also has an attractive touch screen. Another very attractive aspect of the Holden is that it has the option of heated front seats.

9.   Toyota Land Cruiser

The 1,629 units of this car sold during the month of April 2017 attests to the fact that it is one of the favorite cars of the Aussies. This car offers a giant fuel tank, great safety features and magnificent off-road capabilities.

10.Hyundai Tucson

This car just broke into the list of top selling cars in Australia with more than 1,500 units sold during the month of April 2017. The panorama glass roof of the SUV offers some great views while the interior features render the ride highly satisfying.h

Here is the complete detail of all top 10 selling cars in australia 2017,

Some people might disagree with this list, but according to user feedback and selling statistics these are the best models till this date.

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