Engine Oil for Toyota Hilux Diesel

Engine oil is an essential component in a vehicle like a blood, engine cannot survive without it, not a single second even using wrong oil could damage the engine badly, therefore, must have to know the right oil for your engine.

Here we discuss about engine oil for Toyota Hilux diesel, but that there is some other explanation about how to pick the correct oil for your engine.

Is Synthetic Oil Better for High Mileage Cars

Best companies for engine oil for Toyota Hilux diesel D4D

Mobil 1: 5w-40 is a turbo/non turbo Diesel Truck oil is engineered with state-of-the-art technology to help deliver exceptional performance in modern low emission engines

Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil: 5w-30 is also considered to the best among other oil, amsoil in the class of 0w-40 to 5w-30 grades

Recommend to change after 8000 kilometres.

Castrol MAGNATEC synthetic: 15w-40 another popular and well balance brand, it comes with high-tech technology with the certification of GF-5, More expensive than shell but provides better performance and longer engine life.

Shell Helix Rotella/Rimula Diesel: 15w-40, is premium oil, most popular diesel oil for heavy vehicles, fully synthetic good for dusty area vehicles.

Recommend to change after 8000 kilometres.

Shell Helix Rotella/Rimula Diesel: available in 20w- 50 is an advanced grade oil for diesel engine best to use in Hilux and other similar trucks. Use this oil on 90,000 Kilometers driven old engines.

Recommend to change after 6000 kilometres.

Shell helix Rotella/Rimula Diesel: Available in SAE 50 grade this one is the last option to save from being damage, very thick viscosity.

Recommend to change after 4500 kilometres.

Delo Gold and Silver: available in 15w-40 gold, 20w-50 silver and Delo SAE 30  is an advanced multi grade oil results are good against other oils, Delo is a semi-synthetic oil but not good for dusty area vehicles.

Recommend to change after 6000 kilometres.

ZIc:  10w-40, and 20w-50 is expensive than most of the above motor oils, fully synthetic with top quality premium oil that helps to protect and extend the engine life longer than normal expectancy years. Best for dusty area vehicles it protects against all dusty particles, friction, and corrosion in the engine.

Recommend to change after 6000 kilometres.

Kixx: is another top brand with having a fully synthetic oil for diesel engines especially best for Toyota Hilux available in HD*1 15W-44 for new internal combustion engines and kixx 20w-50 for the old engine.

Selection of Grade and oil based on three points

  • Weather
  • Age of the engine
  • Mileage cover

Weather: hot climate places need thick oil with higher W numbers and cold places need lower W numbers.

Age of the Engine:More old engine require W Numbers changed from low viscosity to high viscosity.

Mileage cover:

  • 0-80000 kilometres 5W-40
  • 80000-140000 kilometres 15w-40 or 30
  • Above 140000 kilometres 20w-50, or 60
  • Above 220000 kilometres SAE 50

Toyota Hilux D-4d engine specification

Toyota Engine Hilux Oil Capacity:

  • 1KD-FTV 3.0L Turbo D-4d engine having a capacity of 6.0 liters oil including 0.5-liter filter oil capacity.
  • All Hilux from 2015 onward models have the same engine technology with little refinement in it.

These are the best engine oils for toyota Hilux D4d.

Toyota Hilux Engine without D-4D

  • 1GD-FTV 2.8L diesel Engine: 7.0 Liters  (2015 To 2018)
  • 2GD-FTV 2.4L diesel Engine: 5.5 Liters  (2015 To 2018)

1 and 2 GD technology is an replacement of KD which was previously used in Fortuner, Hilux, 4Runner and so on.

First of all, need to understand the category and oil grade with right selection, most people don’t know about category and grade, hence here we discuss in short detail of about grade and category and then move to which company  diesel oil and company is at its best.

Categories & Classification of oil:

In simple terms oil have yearly models in the form of classification, most of the countries have their own departments for their own oil grading and category system they test the oil before giving certificate to the oil by classifying in form of Sm, Sn Cf, Ch. Yet the most countries valued and follow API (American Petroleum Institute) certificate on oils.

Here is some explanation in this chart about diesel category system.


DEC-2016 FA-4 oils will have HTMS viscosity. In addition to meeting the new category performance requirement, including improved oxidation resistance, shear stability, and aeration control, FA-4 oils will be designed to provide enhanced fuel economy, but they will only be available in 5W-30 & 10W-30 viscosity grade.



CK-4 O oils will have traditional HTMS viscosity. They will provide performance benefits exceeding today’s CJ-4 engine oils, including improved oxidation resistance, shear stability and aeration control to enhance engine performance and durability, while still retaining backward compatible to satisfy older make and models, available in 15W-40 and 10W-30 primarily.



Introduced in 2006. Current for high-speed four-stroke cycle diesel engines designed to meet 2010 model year on-highway and tier 4 on road exhaust emission standards as well as for previous model year diesel engine. These oils are formulated for use in all application with diesel fuel ranging  in sulfur content up to 500 PPM (0.05% by weight)

CI-4 Current

Introduced in 2002. For high-speed four-stroke engines designed to meet 2004 exhaust emission implemented in 2002.CI-4 oils are formulated to sustain engines durability where exhaust gas recirculation(EGR) is used and are intended to use for use with diesel fuels ranging in sulfur content up to 0.05% weight.



Current introduced in 1998. For high-speed, four-stroke engines designed to meet 1998 emission standards. CH-4 oils are specifically compounded for use with diesel fuels ranging in sulfur content up to 0.5% weight.



Introduced in 1995. For severe duty, high-speed. Four-stroke engines using fuel with less than 0.5% weight sulfur. CG-4 oils are required for engine meeting 1994 emission standards.


Obsolete Introduced in 1990. For high-speed. Four-stroke, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines.
CF-2 Obsolete

Introduced in 1994. For high-speed. Two-stroke-cycle engines.


Grade can be measure in the form of viscosity and it represent  thickness in the form of numeral numbers  0,5,10,15,20,30,40,50 and so on which certified by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) stamped on to the oil box, The more the numbers up the more  the engine oil thick.

What does exactly w mean?

Oils with 5W-30 and other contrary designations are associated with viscosity. The W stands for winter and there is a standard called the SAE as mentioned above represent Viscosity Grades for Engine Oils – SAE J300. … This means that when your engine is cold the lower the W numbers the easier the oil will flow.

In addition w not only for cold and summer weather classification but it also tells about what number would be best for your engine it depends on your engine age that means the more miles covered by the engine for example 80,000 kilometers the more W grade have to be higher.

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