Homemade Bulletproof Car – How to Armor Your Car

A car would always mean different things to different persons. For some people, it’s only a mean of commuting from one place to another. But for some people, a car is more like a hobby or a pet. A few people consider it a part of the family.

Regardless of what you think about your car, it is an expensive item that makes your life comfortable. When taken good care, it is most likely to reciprocate.

Homemade bulletproof car

There are several reasons why a vehicle owner would opt for a homemade bulletproof car. They may be living in a neighborhood where crime is rampant. Or perhaps, one simply needs to be prepared in case there is a sudden collapse of the society.

An armored car is something that is very expensive and most people cannot afford it. You don’t have to buy an expensive car when you can easily get hold of almost everything you need to armor your car yourself. These items won’t cost you a fortune. Moreover, you will also be able to keep your favorite car.

You should note here that your task is not to turn your car into a tank. Below, you will get some ideas for turning your vehicle into a homemade bulletproof car

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Bulletproofing tires

You must have seen in action movies that the bad guys always aim for the tires when there is a shootout. If the car is moving fast, the driver will lose control immediately. Tires are made of rubber and technically, they do not bounce off a bullet so you need to make sure that the car can still run of the bullet the tire.

You best option is using a run-flat tire. It is built with a polymer which offers support to the inflated part of the tire when it is punctured. The car can run miles in such a condition.

Bulletproof Windows

If the tire of the car survives the bullets, the attackers will go for the windows. When you are trying to find way of how to armor your car, you should come to know that conventional cars are not equipped with bulletproof windows.

You can line the window with polycarbonate in order to create a barrier which is transparent yet dense. You may also use a leaded glass over the polycarbonate for maximum protection. Alternatively, you may also go for tempered glass.

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Bulletproofing the exterior and interior

This involves removing the seats, carpets, wiring and everything else that does not constitute the main frame of the vehicle.

Steel plated armor installation is a good option. It can be installed at the front. Steel plates can be combined with nylon and Kevlar so that the bumper protects the insides of the car. When considering how to armor your car, you must keep in mind that the steel plates are heavy and may impair the running of the car.

Protecting the gas tank is also very important. It is easy to target and may cause a lot of harm. Bulletproofing the gas tank also needs applying the same steel plates as the rest of the vehicle.

DIY bulletproof with composite material

Anyone wants to do it at home then this method would be more appropriate then installing bullet proof glass or armor plate and it also less expensive than conventional method.


Homemade bulletproof car needs time and effort. It is a rather difficult undertaking. You may consider a professional for doing the job. This professional will offer you good technical advice when it comes to bulletproofing.

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