Best Armored Vehicles In The World

Best Armored Vehicles In The World:

What is an armored vehicle?

Armored vehicles protect the human sitting inside from any blast or bullets and retaliate against the threat by using special guns fitted in the vehicles.

Types of armored vehicles

  • Military armored vehicle
  • Civil armored vehicle

Although there is so many armored vehicle with variety of variants from different companies around the world and to select best armored vehicles in the world is a tough task so criteria for best vehicles uses to select the best armored vehicles are as follows, it includes both civil and military.

However according to 2017 defense IQ report total armored vehicle sales of civil personnel approximately 37% of total armored vehicle sale, therefore in this topics the most of the best  armored vehicles in the world goes to civil armored vehicles.


  • Cost of the vehicle against benefits
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Selling volume
  • Reliability with safety and protection
  • Engine
  • Features

Mercedes Benz s guard

This car is famous among civil society, one of the most selling car in the world according to statics, she has a full compartment protection against any Ak47 bullet and can protect from minor blast such as grenades, in addition it has a powerful v6 engine, this car also includes top features like any normal s class sedan Mercedes have.

BMW 7 Series

This car is top of the line of BMW sedan series it includes high class features, powerful engine, and reliability. therefore businessman and high profile people do prefer BMW 7 series that can provides not only just comfort, luxury but it also provide protection and safety from any threat, according to Huffington post this vehicle is among the best armored vehicle in the 2016 world list, with a 400 hp turbocharged power engine makes him a very fast car, this car can cost about $350000 which is quite normal for any armored car.

Cadillac Escalade Esv

Very popular in America and Canada design by Becker automotive industry, luxury interior, great upholstery wooden work with top of the line features isn’t enough, Becker made them as a armored vehicle by adding extra metal sheet on exterior with thick 40mm glass that can protect from any blast and bullet, it cost same as BMW 750i sedan.

Mercedes Benz Maybach  S600

Without compromising any luxury and comfort then this car would be the one, it has armored sheet with best bullet glass protection and another exciting part of this vehicle is that it can go very fast with having 524hp engine; in addition it can also run on flat tires for about 40miles produce by Inkas Company famous in armored vehicles.

Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover sentinel, based on the Range Rover Autobiography, but offering a host of security features. The Range Rover Sentinel boasts a VR8 armor standard allowing it to withstand a number of ballistic threats in addition to armor-piercing incendiary bullets and even a blast from a DM51 grenade. In addition to this, the Sentinel comes with multi-laminated armored privacy glass, a tamper-proof exhaust system and run-flat inserts on all four tires.

GMC Yukon Denali

Having a great reputation not as a luxury but a monster vehicle and with having a br6 armor protection sheet, siren, led strobe and pa system to deter any threat is added in to this Suv, this vehicle have a 6.2 liter v8 engine which produce 424hp. 

However others vehicles like Audi A8, knights XV, Mercedes Benz G63, and Lexus Ls are also best in armored class but according to criteria as listed above these vehicles are not as best as other vehicles are.

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