A Man with a Flying Car Startup Just Bought by Volvo Parent

Recently a giant company Geely just bought a startup flying car company name Terrafugia , Geely already acquired many auto manufacturing industries such as Lotus, Volvo and other car companies under his umbrella.

A man with a flying car concept first designed by local MIT graduates in Terrafugia but due to low finances wasn’t able to attract the market as it was expected initially, however some buyers provide some revenue to continue their work on this but wasn’t enough.

Geely aim to buy this company to provide more fiancé to the small Terrafugia company for further research and experimentation which had been impossible without Geely finances.

Geely is to buy poor companies but with higher future potentials, strategies is to put back to their full potential by having a highly experience management and financés is to get a maximum market share.

However Terrafugia  working on this project from 2006 and made a impressive achievement such a folding wings which won the company a role as a contractor for the DARPA Transformer TX. The Transformer TX is a road able aircraft demonstrator for the U.S. military that incorporates deployable surface technology.

Although certificate for flying a car would be needed without that it might not be possible for the buyers to fly.

Certain restrictions for no fly zone or other rules need to be place if the flying cars concept turns into reality.

Unlike more recent concepts of flying cars that are capable of vertical flight, the Transition still requires a runway for takeoff and landing.

A man with a flying car is like a dream or could be seen in the movies but now it becomes reality and can be seen very soon in the future.

Let’s see how far the company can go for this project to make this happens as a reality, in addition can this car is affordable for most of the people that is a question which couldn’t be answer at this moment.

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