Electric Cars Getting Unlimited Power Sooner Than Thought

World auto manufacturing industries including several countries stating a big announcement of complete transformation from petrol, diesel in to complete electric cars, Volvo announced of complete change of thier cars in to electric cars in 2040.

India and France also announced of complete electric cars within a few years however the main problem isn’t about electric cars, its about the electricity or power to charge the car battery is a major issue.

Less avaialablity of charging station, only Tesla providing some stations to their own cars in some states, apart from that no availability of charging stations. however other auto brands have their own stations but not even half to tesla.

Can the electric cars getting unlimited power sooner than thought?

Secondly the time to charge requires almost an half an hour for Tesla cars to run 200 miles that could be annoying and time consuming, other also claims of faster than tesla between 15 to 20 mintues but it requires faster charging station  with faster charger, therefore people do like other cars than electric even though it cost per mile70 percent less than normal gasoline cars.

To solve these issue a Stanford university researchers made a remarkable invention of charging a car battery without stopping by simply new technique that wirelessly transmits electricity to a moving object within close range.

Wireless power transfer works using magnetic resonance coupling. An alternating magnetic field in a transmitter coil causes electrons in a receiver coil to oscillate, with the best transfer efficiency occurring when both coils are tuned to the same frequency and positioned at a specific angle.

Nature newspapers published the standford new technique.

That makes it hard to transfer electricity while an object is moving though. To bypass the need for continuous manual tuning, the Stanford team removed the radio-frequency source in the transmitter and replaced it with a voltage amplifier and a feedback resistor.

The system calibrates itself to the required frequency for different distances. Using this system, the researchers were able to wirelessly transmit a one-milliwatt charge of electricity to a moving LED light bulb three feet away. No manual tuning was needed, and transfer efficiency remained stable.

Although one milliwatt of power is far away from lot of kilowatts to charge the car battery, researchers and scientists are heading towards to get more power by amplifier to the battery, lets see when it will make that happens it just a matter of time.

To elaborate in simple terms researcher are thinking to embedded these electric coil in the road to get unlimited amount of electricity, the more the car on the road the more car battery can be charge said by  Shanhui Fan, professor of electrical engineering and senior author of the study.

Still it looks far away from implementation but if the cost and intallation is cheap then might be big players can make that happens for their own interest and the society.

Electric Cars Getting Unlimited Power Sooner Than Thought depends on government’s interest along with giant players.

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