Top Solar Powered Car Interior Cooling Gadgets

Now families no need to worry about how to keep your car cool without A/C in summer hot climate, you can use this gadget along with your a/c to get an ideal temperature in the car even with four passengers. This gadget not only powered by solar but it can maintain a low temperature in your car by exhausting all hot airs and intake fresh, these ventilators can be fit on the front and rear car door windows.

However let me clear to the audience that these gadgets are only to take out hot and intake fresh air from outside if anyone claiming of replacing A/C against this a complete misguidance, this alone is sufficient where temperature is less than 36 Celsius degree and where temperature  is between 40  to 50 Celsius degree, (Asia, Africa and Middle East) required to use that with the a/c.

This gadget has been in the market for a while and had a quite impressive result according to the users of this gadget, there are various air ventilation gadgets available in the market on the name of Kulcar car Cooler or solar power air conditioner.

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This gadget is recommended to use in a car for families located in hot regions

Benefits of solar powered car air conditioner:

  • it works as a Auto Cool fan, Blows out hot air and intake fresh air, this will help the Air- condition to low down the vehicle temperature early.
  • Less fuel burn due to less load on the engine when A/C trips more frequently.
  • Protect electric car appliances and interior dashboard by keeping the temperature as low as possible in parking time.
  • Remove all unusual smell and fetid odor from the car.
  • Air convection is good for health to you and your family enjoy a non-toxic harmless to the environment.

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  • Plastic + monocrystalline silicone
  • 148x58x110mm
  • Strip Length: 740mm
  • Power: Solar
  • Voltage: 2volt

How to install?

  • Roll down the window about 5 inches
  • Chip the auto vent on to the window
  • Size the weather strip in both ends of the auto cooler
  • Remaining weather strip on the opposite side of the window
  • In the last shut down the window

List of top solar powered car interior cooling gadgets:

There are many companies selling this product in the market, almost all have same specification, therefore buy the best near to you.

However these are the popular in the market if they are available then better to select from below listed.

  1. Solar Auto Fan
  2. Car solar sun power cooling fan
  3. Kulcar solar power ventilator
  4. Auto cool solar fan
  5. Solar car cooler

Price of Car Cooling Gadgets

Price starts from 15 dollar and goes up to 90 US dollar available in Walmart, Amazon and Ebay.

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  • Easily stolen or damaged.
  • Only fit to the frame windows car.
  • Gets frustrated to remove or to install all the time.
  • Fans doesn’t have any on/off button.
  • Fan only works when the solar producing full power (sunny mid-day).
  • Only works with A/c otherwise ineffective in hot climate weather.
  • It doesn’t fit well to all cars.
  • Non-adjustable solar positon.
  • Not all ventilators work while on driving.

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