Next-Gen Honda Civic Teased Ahead Of November 17 Concept Debut

The next-generation Honda Civic has already been unofficially previewed through a range of leaked patent photos and a few renderings, but the time has finally come for an official sneak peek. It comes in the form of a brief teaser video showing us from various angles, many parts of the vehicle.

The 15-second clip reveals that on November 17, Honda will unveil the new Civic. What we are going to see next week on Tuesday, however, may not be the bestseller’s final release version, but a concept that is almost ready to hit the assembly lines. The world debut is being broadcast for gamers via the Twitch live streaming network. More notably, the same day, will have an exclusive first look video arriving, so stay tuned.

Honda promises a complete overhaul of its best-selling car that once again raises the bar in the compact car market for elegance, durability, safety, and advanced technology.” We don’t get to see more of this latest concept in the teaser video, but at least it offers some of the exterior features a brief glance. And we have to admit the color is totally brilliant!

From what we have seen from the leaked trademarks and spy images, in terms of style, the current Civic would not be a radical break from its predecessor. Compared to the outgoing vehicle, the main aim seems to be a streamlined and bolder appearance.

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Very soon, we’ll hear more about the latest Civic. Next week, we hope to get some early technical information, but frankly, we don’t plan to learn a lot. More images and full specs should be revealed later this year or at some point in 2021, following this early preview.

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