Best Midsize Pickup 2020

Based on consumer surveys and top vehicle expert agencies, these are the best midsize Pickup 2020.

2020 Jeep Gladiator

The Gladiator was one of the most awaited cars to make its 2019 debut. Jeep did not disappoint us and brought fans a rugged, tough, and abusive vehicle. The Gladiator’s off-roading skills are unmatched. So, if you’re in the market for an off-road-oriented best midsize pickup 2020, the Gladiator is the best midsize truck you can have. Now, this may be a surprise, but the Gladiator has bigger rear seats than most other midsize trucks. Also, it is the only convertible truck you can buy for now.

Starting PriceFuel EconomyMax TowingMax PayloadHorsepowerTruck Bed Length
$35,04019 mpg7650 LBS1600 LBS2855 Feet


  • Jeep-y-ness
  • Ruggedness
  • Toplessness.


  • Steep price
  • Awkward roofline
  • Four-door-only

2020 Honda Ridgeline

Honda blends the two genres with the groundbreaking 2020 Ridgeline, with compact SUVs and pickup trucks more common than ever. Sure, it can’t tow as well as its mid-size counterparts and looks like a minivan stuck on to the rear end with a truck bed. The Honda’s cabin, though, is better designed and more spacious than anything else in its class. Similarly, due to an in-bed trunk and open audio system, the freight bed can handle standard chores and provides unconventional features. It also demonstrates an uncanny athleticism and a superb ride quality that makes it enjoyable during daily use. The Ridgeline will suit your bill if you’re looking for a truck that operates like a decent family hauler and has no conventional truck appeal.

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Starting PriceFuel EconomyMax TowingMax PayloadHorsepowerTruck Bed Length
$35,02021-22mpg3.5L 50001580 LBS2805.4 Feet


  • Refined handling and ride
  • Quality interior
  • Innovative storage


  • Boring looks
  • So-so towing capacity
  • Not a hardcore off-roader

2020 Chevy Colorado

The best midsize truck you will get in 2020 is the Chevrolet Colorado. Thanks to its combination of car-like handling, smooth ride, and highly practical and easy-to-access bed, the Colorado came first in a recent comparative test with the Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline, and Toyota Tacoma. Its affordable entry price adds to the appeal, as does its real-truck towing figures (which help vault it past the similarly smooth Honda. A 2021 model-year refresh gives the truck a slightly updated look. If you’re off-road, you should use the ZR2 to keep the adventurer in you satisfied with all the goodies.

Starting PriceFuel EconomyMax TowingMax PayloadHorsepowerTruck Bed Length
$22,29517-23 mpg2.5L 3500 LBS \ 2.8L 7700 LBS1574 LBS181-3085.2-6.2 Feet


  • Spacious and comfortable cabin appointments
  • Powerful and fuel-efficient engine options
  • ZR2 has impressive off-road technology
  • Over thirty body and equipment combinations


  • Rivals offer more standard driver safety assists
  • Upper trims lack some high-end features

2020 GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon shares its plush ride and sharp handling with its mechanical sibling, the Colorado, which largely leaves your aesthetic tastes to choose between the two. The GMC thus delivers the same variety of powertrains (including a segment-exclusive diesel) but is blockier than the aerodynamic-appearing Chevy, which is more smoothed-over. It also offers a luxurious Denali trim level that upstages even the nicest Colorado, with a chrome grille, 20-inch “diamond-cut”-style aluminum wheels, leather-appointed seats (heated and ventilated up front), and other upgrades. So if you are looking for a Rigid with extra off road 4×4 capability then 2020 GMC Canyon truck is for you under this category.

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Starting PriceFuel EconomyMax TowingMax PayloadHorsepowerTruck Bed Length
$24,79820-23 mpg2.5L 7100 LBS\ 3.8L 2.8L 7700 LBS1,609 LBS200-308-1865.2-6.2 Feet


  • Three powertrains offered
  • Impressive tow capacity available
  • Styling has aged well


  • Lacks some safety technology of its rivals
  • Ride can be choppy on rough terrain
  • Some newer rivals cost less

2020 Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is one of the most popular midsize trucks in the U.S.

Despite there being no shortage of Tacomas in the used market, even decade-old samples sell for a premium. What makes the Tacoma special is that a six-speed manual transmission helps you to buy it. On the tech front, Toyota has improved and now sells both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Even the cabin is straight-forward and it is well thought out ergonomically. Finally, it has a strong engine, good towing capacity, and decent off-road bias to keep mild off-roaders happy. An all-rounder in true sense.

Starting PriceFuel EconomyMax TowingMax PayloadHorsepowerTruck Bed Length
$27,14518-21 mpg2.7L 3500 LBS\ 3.5L 6800 LBS1620 LBS159-2785-6.2 Feet


  • Off-road capability
  • Reputation for reliability
  • Above-average safety equipment


  • Weak base engine
  • Slightly unrefined ride
  • Odd seating position

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