Common Automatic Transmission Problems and Symptoms

Common Automatic transmission problems and symptoms can be check it out easily by understanding basic mechanical and technical sense.

Often people doesn’t identify these symptoms earlier, which resultant a small to major problem arises in a vehicles, therefore a person should have to know about the early symptoms to be able to prevent upcoming problems.

Signs of Common Automatic Transmission Problems and Symptoms

Before to start about the problems and symptoms, first need to look what cause behind these issues.

Forget To change the Fluid: (Burning smell, losing torque) could be face if you forget to change your vehicle transmission fluid.

Recommended time to Change the oil at a time after every 30,000 miles but better to change it early than the recommended time.

Low Fluid: Low fluid can be happened from many reasons, (Not changed from very long time cause the Fluid gets burned, Leakage is other issues for low level of fluid).

Used Low Quality Fluid: People try to save couple of dollars but ignored the importance of fluid quality and its function, Low quality can damaged the whole transmission, or the fluid gets too much dirty well before the time to change the next fluid, other problems are ( Grinding and shaking, Making noises, Whining and Clunking.).

Used Wrong Fluid: This could lead to a sever issues in a vehicle transmission, try to take an expert opinion before selecting Fluid for vehicle, little mistake lead to a high repair and maintenance cost.

Check Engine Light: Engine light comes on for many reasons, don’t ignore warning light indicator. There are sensors placed in many areas of a car’s engine that alert the computer if it senses unusual activity coming from a particular process.

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Problems and Symptoms:

Burning Smell: If your vehicle smells like a burn under your gear box then something happened with your transmission, this problem can occur when a low quality fluid used. Low quality of level gets too much dirty or burned well ahead of a time to change.

Leakage: Normally leakage only be happened if a chamber leaks, therefore pay attention at your garage and look if any dark fluid at your floor, in case of leakage contact car mechanic as soon as possible to fix this.

Grinding or Shaking: These issues arises for many reason, Low quality fluid, Low Fluid at a dangerous level.

Regularly check vehicle fluid level, (A separate gauge is available under the bonnet to check fluid level and its remaining life).

Slipping: In an automatic transmission gear shifts automatically and smoothly, if a gears slipped or doesn’t shift smoothly as it was, then might be the case of Low fluid level or Mechanical issue.

Car won’t engage or respond in gear: It indicates a low quality transmission fluid used it earlier, or the time to change the fluid passed long ago.

Remember the transmission gear box can be more expensive than most of your car parts, ignorance of all these issues could lead to a hefty cash out of your pocket.

Other Problems: Overheating at low speed but normal at high speed.

Recommended ATF Fluid For Vehicles:

Companies selling these ATF using their own name under the certification of OEM.

  • ATF+4 (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler)
  • Dexron (Toyota before 2004 models, GM)
  • Mercon V (Ford Mercury, Lincoln)
  • Mercon LV (All Mazda models)
  • Toyota Type 1 to 4, WS (After 2004 models and CVT)
  • Diamond Sp 3 and 4 (Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi)
  • ATF-TIV (Land Cruiser, Lexus, Audi, Volkswagen)
  • DW-1 (All Honda Except Cvt)

Wants to know in detail about ATF Fluid then go to this link… All Vehicles ATF






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