Sales of Fossil Fuel Vehicles Could Be Banned By the UK As Early As 2030

The UK will shortly raise its ban on sales of combustion engine vehicles, indeed, again. The Financial Times and the BBC also say that by 2030, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will declare a ban on purchases of fossil fuel vehicles, five years ahead of the latest deadline, and a complete decade earlier than originally expected. Hybrid sales will continue until 2035, but dealerships will soon disappear from pure gas (petrol) and diesel cars.
It is claimed that the accelerated timetable is expected to spur the electric vehicle industry and to move the UK closer to its climate goals. The government is currently poised to spend £ 500 million (approximately $ 660 million) on the development of EV charging facilities in the country to help.

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An announcement could come as soon as next week. There is a chance that Johnson could announce a more accommodating 2032 cutoff, but he’s believed to be “leaning” in favor of 2030.

Automakers could not be delighted. In previous talks, Honda and Toyota have baulked over switching to an all-EV future. Honda claimed that even banning hybrids would be too stringent, while Toyota cautioned that if there was a hybrid ban, it might reconsider its investments in the UK. The change could be simplified by a somewhat postponed hybrid ban, but enterprises wouldn’t have much breathing space.

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