Car Care Tips In Hot Weather

Car Care Tips In Hot Weather: Such countries where temperature goes more than 40 degree Celsius in summer months, they should have to be more careful while driving in hot weather as compared to cold weather because any weak part of the car could cause major damage to the engine including people sitting in the car, therefore here is some car care tips in hot weather which must be consider every car owner in order to eliminate from unusual circumstances.

Radiator checklist: Regularly check the level of water into the radiators, use coolant liquid than normal water would be best for the car.

In case of any blockage in the radiate can put pressure to the engine by not providing satisfying amount of water to circle inside the body to maintain engine temperature.

Radiator fan throw or any short circuit in the fan also be check from mechanic  because if fan throw or short circuit happen in driving it cause serious problem to the driver which is (unnoticed overheat engine) or engine siege  especially  with ac on.

Head gasket can be broken apart if engine temperature turns very high causes radiator malfunction  in addition in hot day with weak engine can damage the engine itself if put more load on engine.

Engine checklist:  In cold weather engine can survive if its working capacity is about 50 percent because load such as ac and engine heat up from hot weather doesn’t affect in winter months but in summer months with hot conditions and ac would easily put the engine to a dead position therefore if engine is weak then replace with new one to avoid any disruption or don’t put load such as ac on the engine in summer months

To know weak engine symptoms click this.

Water body checklist:  Most of the people don’t know about water body, and its working therefore let me illustrate some detail about how its working with check list, basically water body placed between the engine to prevent the engine to maintain temperature by using air and water circle inside the body coming from radiators.

Water body can be broken down by various reason which can be discuss in details in another article, but check it out from the car workshop  before going outside would be better.

Air condition check list:  Check it out the ac thermo sate can cause engine heat up if it’s not working properly.

Make sure the A/C blows cold air and is working properly. Nothing makes hot weather seem worse as a weak air conditioner. If the A/C is not blowing cold air, the refrigerant charge may be low. The system should be checked for leaks before adding refrigerant.

These are vital car care tips in hot weather to prevent from any damage to the car or any disruption while driving

Car wheel & tire:

Another cause of engine heat is wheel jams; every jam in any wheel increases the burden on the engine to power the automobile; consequently, specialists examine wheels.

Examine the tyre for signs of wear, uneven wear, age cracks, or damage. Examine the inflation pressure in each rung, including the spare. Underinflated tyres cause the tyres to overheat, increasing the danger of a blowout.

Hose pipe (injector pipe):

Any blockage in the pipe might potentially cause the engine to overheat by not giving the engine with enough amount of water to maintain the temperature in summer conditions.

Second, ensure that there is no leaking in the pipe; a leak might quickly empty the radiator while driving.

Check the age of your battery:

Most car batteries only last 1 or 2 years. If your battery is 1 or more years old, it will probably need to be replaced soon. Hot weather is actually harder on batteries than cold weather because it increases the rate of evaporation of the liquid electrolyte inside the battery (this is not a problem with gel-type batteries.

Engine oil check:

Make sure the oil in the engine is at the recommended level and also make sure that the oil changes after recommended miles driven.

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