Prototype Bmw I8 Spyder 2018 Unveiled Unofficially

Prototype Bmw I8 Spyder 2018 Unveiled Unofficially:  Seen on a public day track for testing at Nurburgring  having a camouflage skin with soft top made an impressions to the lovers of Bmw and awaiting customers and it seems the product soon be launch within in a time frame as expected.

Those who are not aware of new Bmw i8 Sypder specification and feature here is some highlights of  main features and specification that expected to be have in this model.

Except the butterfly door there is no exterior  or design changes, however  the serious modifications  are made under the bonnet with interior as well.

There is no confirm reports of interior design and specification, apart from that other changes are discuss as follows.

Spyder comes with two seats with soft top unlike the old version of Bmw I8 with convertible and coupe model.

Engine now comes with more power close to 370hp combine which affects the speed and the overall range of the car by adding power via more pack of batteries allow the car to reach more distance unlike the previous version.

Other affects include Bmw i8 spyder expected to be faster with ev mode. The turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine is set to stay in the i8, but it may get more power for the Life Cycle Impulse, which is BMW-talk for “facelift.” The electric units could also be upgraded, which would lead to the 370 HP mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Here is a clip of Bmw I8 2018 testing at nurburging.

The Prototype Bmw I8 Spyder 2018 Unveiled Unofficially price are not sure but rumors suggest that it starts from $150000 to $200000.

Reports from various resources that Bmw I8 Spyder will launch at the end of 2018 and offer to the customers mid of 2019 but some says it will launch at the start of 2018 and offer to the customer mid of 2018 so lets see which one is going to be correct.


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