How to steal a car with just 20$ of device

Chinese researchers demonstrate how to steal a car with just 20$ of device: People wants new features in the cars which looks attractive and effective but from this research one of the famous features that not only has been  essential to every car but it has also provide a safety to the car to some extent called smart keyless entry system can be hacked.

Chinese researcher shows with a hardware about a cost of 20$ made by them  that how easily the smart keyless entry system can be compromised and they proved by experimenting on random cars parked in the street.

How it works:


The way most keyless entry systems work is that the key fob, nestled in the warm, welcoming confines of your pocket or purse, sends radio signals to the car, which responds, and the tiny, fast data-conversation between the two results in the car unlocking and being ready to drive. This only works if the key is very close to the car; hence the name ‘proximity’ key. Researchers manage to fool the car by realizing that the key is very nearby but actually it’s not.

Unicorn a team of researchers stunt the audience by showing how easy it is to steal your car by simply using 20$ hardware.

Chinese researchers demonstrate how to steal a car with just 20$ of device, manufactures need to think of this and do efforts to prevent that hole to not allow someone to steal a car.

This smart key less entry system is inherently insecure and need to take out solutions in order to prevent stealing.

However there are some solution such as keep your key in something like faraday cage like refrigerator or microwave to keep the signals from being detachable , till manufacturer put out robust technology to make that insecure hole back in to secure.