How To Maintain a Car in a Good Condition Easy Tips and Guidelines

Here is a tips and guidelines of how to Maintain a Car in a Good Condition : Every car need maintenance without this car can behave strangely, good maintenance provides a better reliability while on the road, to keep you safe, long term partnership and in case of trading, a car would give a handsome price because of having a good maintenance.

Interior care

First of all car need to be clean frequently in order to look in good condition therefore here is the steps.

  • Original seats have fabrics or leather and to protect from any damage cover them from alternative seat covers.
  • Dashboard can easily be dirt from outside dust, clean the dashboard by using leather polish available in the market.
  • Clean the interior by using vacuum as needed and make sure everything in the car in working condition such as DVD player and other stuff.

Exterior care.

Most vulnerable part of the car is the outer body therefore needs extra precaution to protect it. and how to maintain a car in a good condition is by following this.

  • Waxing not only shines the car but to protects from thin scratches.
  • Wax can protect scratches but to some extent and to go beyond that extent, compound is an alternative for deep scratches.
  • You can check your own lights if you have someplace you can park near reflective glass windows, or you can ask a friend to walk around your car while you turn on different lights. Make sure to check your headlights, taillights, reverse lights, brake lights, and turn signals.
  • Rubbers on windshield wiper sometimes hard and useless therefore check it regularly and replace it if needed.

Engine care.

  • Replace the air filter if it gets too much dirty otherwise can be re usable if cleans it well.
  • Replace the oil from a recommended oil brand after 3000 to 4000 miles including oil filter.
  • Check the tires conditions by using tread wear
  • Tune the engine from a good mechanic after 10000 miles, tuning includes spark plug replacement if require, clean the throttle, tapped optimal position for better performance.
  • Battery need to check out monthly of  any corrosion or carbon on the terminals and has to be clean to perform the battery in 100 percent capacity however batteries life usually last about 1 year therefore replace it if needed.
  • Check car brake fluids, gear fluids, power steering fluids on hydraulic steering.
  • Check the belts or have them checked regularly for wear and tension. Very loose belts often make a loud squealing sound.
  • Wants to know further in details then go to how to take care of your car engine article in the

In this video there is a tips about  how to maintain a Car in a good condition :

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