Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

The interior textures can rust and deteriorate with time. Cleaning is useful for vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber and other interior fabrics so their original color can be put back with the right items.

Therefore each Polish in this list having a special ingredients for a particular task to do, few in this list consider to be universal for all dashboards and interior.

Here Are The List OF Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer

Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

What gives the Interior Fast Detailer an advantage on many others is the swift cleaning action that is successful on a wide range of surfaces. It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces such as vinyl , plastic, cloth, and rubber, making it suitable for almost any car.

Cleaning is all about spraying with this dashboard cleaner, and then brushing to get rid of the dirt.

It is also designed to provide protection from UV radiation that can cause cracking and fading, and using this dashboard cleaner can greatly prolong the Dashboard’s life.

Because this cleaner also uses the anti-static technology, it will also repel dust and residue buildup to ensure that your dashboard remains clean for longer.

Although the scent does not last long enough, it is quite pleasant and it will make you look forward to using the dashboard cleaner.


  • Doesn’t include fast dry action. Can be messy. Can be washed away by a heavy downpour. Accumulates dirt and dust.


CarGuys Super Cleaner

Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

If you’re tired of dealing with other items that never seem to work at all, you get this super cleaner alternative. It should be able to function very well and deliver the performance you’ve always wanted. Eventually, you’ll be able to take the mud and grime away from your vehicle and still make it look fine.

Now you can remove all the chemicals from your cabinet that don’t work. This is because with all your Screen maintenance needs, you ‘re getting this one. Since it comes with many positive reviews, it goes on to show that the performance is really good. There would be enough incentive for you to get it right now for yourself.

Car Care: Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid

The moment you get to use this product, you will stop using the other cheap and non-functional products. The best part is that you will always have a clean finish that rejuvenates the shine of your car’s dashboard. There is no doubt you would want to use this type of cleaner all the time. As a result, it is worth getting it.


  • Not very effective on tough stains
  • Few claim it leaves a greasy film


303 UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass

Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

Any time you ‘re looking for a decent way to tidy up the console, this is a perfect idea for you. This is because extracting some dirt would work well, and then make the dashboard restore its appearance. The best thing is that it can have excellent UV protection on most tires, fiberglass, and tons of other automotive materials. This is the reason you’re going to get more people to go for it.

This kind of product is also good when it comes to protecting the dashboard from fading and discoloration. Another thing is that it will protect it from harmful UV rays that might crack the dashboard. In the end, you will feel comfortable having a car that looks and works great just as you want.

The best part is that it also comes with a rinse-free formula. This kind of formula does not leave any greasy surface. As a result, it is going to be one of the best options for you right now. As a result, it will always work great to help you enjoy some good performance for your dashboard as of today.


  • The detailer doesn’t hide scuff marks or blemishes well. It’s not good for unfinished leather. Poor packaging is another issue.
  • Not good for exterior plastic


Chemical Guys, Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant

Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

Total Interior is the one product for cleaning and protecting virtually every car interior surface. Everybody loves a clean interior, but not everyone has time to figure out how to clean all the different materials correctly. Between the glass, dashboards, electronics, cupholders, wood dashboard trim, leather, and carpet, it seems like there are dozens of different materials throughout the typical car interior.

  • Cleans and protects virtually all car interior surfaces
  • Gentle formula won’t spot, stain, or etch sensitive materials
  • Protects against fading and discoloration from harsh UV solar rays
  • Safe for dashboards, windshields, nav screens, leather, vinyl, cloth, carpet, plastic, wood dashboard trim, chrome, rubber, and much more


  • Scent is nice but a little too strong for some users
  • Can stain some lightly colored surfaces


Armor All Car Interior Cleaner & Protectant Wipes

This is another good performance product that you can get for yourself right now. It does come with some good features that makes it the best. First of all, you get the wipes being good in terms of convenience and functionality. In the end, you will have a product that works great just as you want. It is able to protect the car’s rich look just as you want.

This includes plastic, vinyl, and rubber. In the end, you will have some good performance as compared to some expensive products on the market.

Car Care: Top 10 Waterproof Car Seat Covers

These cleaning wipes will also be able to remove the ground-in dirt, dust, and grime. There is no doubt you will now have a product that works great just as you would have wanted.

These cleaning wipes are also lint free. This means that they will not leave any greasy residue behind. You should definitely find it being good to use as from today.


  • You might have to use more wipes to get desired results


Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Protectant

Meguiar’s M57 Marine/RV Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner Protectant is a great solution for cleaning vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces while offering protection in one simple step. This spray formula is specifically tailored towards the severe conditions of Marine and RV environments, and is made with a premium, complex blend of ingredients that offers a safe deep cleaning ability, shine and protection.

It does all of this while leaving a clean, rich, natural sheen instead of a greasy or artificial plastic look. Conditioners help prevent surfaces from drying, fading, and cracking while UV protection reduces damage caused by the sun.

This versatile product can be used on interior or exterior surfaces and leaves surfaces with a clean, rich, natural sheen instead of a greasy or artificial plastic look.

  • Cleans, penetrates and rejuvenates unpainted vinyl and rubber surfaces.
  • Durable protection screens out damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Leaves vinyl and rubber with a clean, rich natural sheen instead of a greasy or artificial plastic look.
  • Restores life and color to your vehicle’s rubber and vinyl surfaces.


  • Smells not good on leather
  • Can be a little streaky if you over apply


Mothers Protectant

Best Vinyl Protectant For Cars

Formulated to recondition and maintain the original condition and appearance of dashboards, vinyl, bumpers, trim, tires and more. Protectant isn’t an oily surface-coating film. It’s an ozone and smog resisting, UV shielding penetrant; a preservation agent that works on just about any uncoated plastic or rubber.

  • UV blocker protects rubber, vinyl, plastic, and fiberglass.
  • Preserves and protects for 30 days of continuous protection.
  • Trigger spray bottle for easy use.
  • Regular use provides a long lasting benefit to your vehicle.
  • Resists ozone and smog on just about any uncoated plastic or rubber.


  • Gets streaky when wet, doesn’t last a very long time


Nextzett Cockpit Premium

This is one of the best options you can have right now. It would be the easiest to use today given that it runs well and still offers strong features. It’s capable of providing the perfect cleaning value you’ve always needed for different car surfaces. Plastic, vinyl, doors, accessories and more.

The best part about using the product is that it is able to remove the rubber scuff marks also. This is good as the surface will look better as compared to how it looked before.

You’ll enjoy the fact that it makes the finish anti-static and dust-resistant. It should be something that fits very well for other people.

It will give you the best performance as compared to the other products on the market. You will now be in a position to keep using it for the long term. So, you can get it knowing it will work great.


  • Leaves a little haze on screens


Turtle Wax Trim Restorer

Another well-known brand in the car care market is Turtle Wax. The company offers a competitively priced trim restorer in a 10-fluid ounce bottle, which can be used on plastic trim, body cladding, window seals, molding, plastic wiper arms, door handles, tonneau covers, and more. It’s designed to instantly restore dull, faded trim and body cladding to its original appearance while leaving behind protection against future fading. It also provides an invisible protective barrier to prevent staining caused by waxes and polishes.

It can be used on any color plastic trim, shining and protecting for over 60 days in normal weather conditions with weekly car washing.

Applying this product is similar to other plastic and trim restorers. After shaking the bottle well, squeeze a ribbon of the restorer onto a foam applicator. You will want to wait five to 10 minutes for the product to penetrate the surface before lightly wiping with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Extra applications may be needed if your trim has wax residue, or if it’s badly oxidized.


  • May not be effective on heavily oxidized trim


MEGUIAR’S G15812 Plastic Restorer Black

When it comes to car maintenance and vehicle cleaning, you’re almost sure to see Meguiar’s with a premium brand somewhere. One of the segment’s most respected brands, Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer by Meguiar is one of Amazon’s highest-rated and most common products.

It’s designed to restore all exterior plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim including bumpers, moldings, door handles, rear view mirror housings, and windshield cowlings.

Car Care: Car Dashboard Cleaner Homemade


  • Doesn’t last more than a few weeks
  • Requires extra elbow grease to work into plastic for an even finish


To make sure that you make the right dashboard cleaner pick, you should always watch out for the following things.

  • Surface
  • Easy to Use
  • UV Protection
  • Cleaning Ability


Remember that different vehicles will feature different dashboard surfaces, and some will also have some aftermarket dashboard enhancements that use fabrics and other materials.

Easy to Use

Hence, making sure that the product you choose is easy to use is important. An easy-to-use dashboard cleaner is one that requires just a simple spray in and wipe the dashboard from the Meguiar one-step dashboard cleaner.

UV Protection

Look for a product that has been formulated to offer protection from Harmful UV rays, you will get long-term care and protection for your delicate vehicle interior surfaces.

Cleaning Ability

Before you settle on any brand or product, make sure that it suits your cleaning needs. For some people, this can mean providing extra debris protection while for others a product that provides a non-greasy and streak-free surface is the best.

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