Waterless Carwash in Pakistan


Waterless carwash is a rather novel phenomenon all around the world. It allows users to save hours of time in washing and waxing their cars.

People were skeptical of this phenomenon in the beginning since they thought it would not be as effective as the convetional method, however, with the passage of time people are warming up to the idea.

How does it work?

Waterless car wash may be like regular carwash without water. You can either take your car to a car wash company or you can do it yourself with the help of specific products.

The chemicals used in this service wash and polish the surface of the vehicle. in order to break down accumulated dirt, these chemicals make use of P H builders, surfs, and lubricants.

Waterless car washing involves a prepared spray for lubrication. This spray, which saturates each and every section of the vehicle, is later wiped away from the car section by section. Usually, micro fiber cloth is used for wiping.

Benefits of Waterless carwash

Water Conservation

It allows us to conserve one of the most precious resources on Earth: Water. Typically, this method would allow you to save around 20 to 50 gallons of water per vehicle.

No Harm to the vehicle

The formula used in this method has a mixture of specific lubricants and cleaning agents that surround the dirt particles and lift them allowing perfect cleaning of the surface without causing a single scratch.

Protective Finish

The products used in waterless car washing not only clean your vehicle, they also leave a protective finish on the surface of your vehicle.

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Waterless Carwash in Pakistan

In Pakistan most people believe that a car cannot be washed without water.

When the phenomenon hit Pakistani markets, service providers has to give demonstrations to vehicle owners that it is actually an effective formula.

However, Pakistani commuters are slowly realizing that waterless car washing may be more effective than conventional car washing which leaves water in the base, engine or the foot base.moreover, cleaning the car with water occasionally also results rusting and paint damage.

Service providers would use a water based product and special towels for cleaning metal and plastic. For tyres, a shiner is used. The entire process costs relatively less, saves time and saves a lot of water.

Waterless carwash in Pakistan is currently available in a few cities . it is cheaper than the regular car wash which costs around 500rupees with polishing. This means that one can get waterless car wash in Pakistan for less than 500rupees.

The entire car washing process takes around an hour. The shine and luster of the vehicle can be restored within a week simply by wiping the surface of the vehicle.

In pakistan people love their cars to wash from water but when someone heard of car wash without water they does not want to accept it therefore waterless carwash in Pakistan need quite sometime to get a market share.

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