Dunlop Tyres-prices in Pakistan


Dunlop is an international tire brand which is owned by several companies. It was founded by John Boyd Dunlop in 1889. The Dunlop brand is owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. The brand in owned by Dunlop India Limited in India while in Asia, Latin America and Africa, the same brand is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

The company carries out manufacturing operations all over the world. In 2016, it was announced that Goodyear Dunlop will make a hefty investment for the upgrading of its manufacturing plant in South Africa.

Dunlop tyres in Pakistan

Selecting the right brand of tyre is one of the most important aspects commuting. It requires investment and durability. It is also important to note that the quality of the tyre will have a profound impact on the performance of the vehicle. It would affect the speed, fuel consumption and even safety of the vehicle you are driving.

Dunlop tyres-prices in pakistan are easily available in Pakistan and remains a popular brand among Pakistani commuters. The brand has been constantly improving its quality and gaining more and more customers despite several other tyres currently available in Pakistan.

Dunlop tyres are a blend of latest technology and a century of experience in tyre manufacturing. They offer high mileage with optimum fuel efficiency coupled with a high level of responsiveness and excellent road grip.

Following types of Dunlop Tyres-prices in Pakistan listed below.

1.     High Performance

These type of tyres are designed for high speed or sporty driving. They have a soft rubber compound which offers enhance traction on high speed. These tyres can show high performance on wet as well as dry surface.

2.     Mud Tyres

These are specialty tyres offered by Dunlop. They have large tread patterns which are designed in such a way that they can bite into a muddy surface. These tyres are comparatively wider than the normal tyres so that they can spread their weight over a bigger area.

3.     All Season Tyres

These tyres are very convenient and can be practically used on any surface under any weather condition.

4.     All Terrain Tyres

These type of tyres are usually used on light trucks and SUVs. Their sidewalls are more stiff for providing more resistance from puncture when the vehicle is traveling off-road. There is wider spacing between the tread patterns.

5.     Dunlop Tyres-prices in Pakistan As At ON Dec- 2018

Dunlop tyres are available at very reasonable prices all over Pakistan. Of course, these prices vary from one specification to the other; however, the price-efficiency ratio of Dunlop tyres is typically much better than other tyre brands available in the country.

Due to Recent economic changes in currency valuation all tyres prices has been increased effective from 1ST Dec 2018.


Company Size Pattern Made By  Price Per Tyre

Price in US Dollar As Per International Rate


Dunlop 145-70-R12 Eco Japan

 PKR        52,00.00

$                 32.00


Dunlop 155-70-R12 Eco Japan

 PKR        5100.00

$                  33.00

3 Dunlop 185-70-R13



 PKR        6,700.00

$                  40.00


Dunlop 185-70-R13 LM704


 PKR        7,100.00

$                  44.00
5 Dunlop 185-70-R14 LM704 Japan

 PKR        8,200.00

$                  51.00


Dunlop 185-70-R14 SP300 Japan

 PKR        8,000.00

$                  50.00



185-65-R15 SP560

South Africa

 PKR        7,800.00

$                  48.00



195-65-R15 LM704


 PKR        8,700.00

$                  54.00
9 Dunlop 195-65-R15 SPT1


 PKR        8,700.00

$                  54.00

10 Dunlop 195-65-R15 SP490


 PKR        8,900.00

$                  56.00



205-65-R15 SP600

South Africa

 PKR        8,900.00

$                  56.00


215-65-R14 Van Truck


 PKR       10,900.00

$                  69.00

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6.     Price of smuggled and non-smuggled tyres in Pakistan

Unfortunately, there is an unchecked flow of non custom paid smuggled tyres in Pakistan,  This would make the Dunlop and many other brands available at Low prices in the market as compared to non-smuggled tyres.

Smuggled Dunlop tyres are available without dealer’s warranty, so there is no way a user can check whether the tyre being sold in the name of Dunlop is actually a Dunlop product. Though, these tyres are cheap, they still carry a risk that they may not provide the efficiency that one would expect from an original Dunlop product.

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Here is some common tips and guidelines before buy a new tyres

  • Size: Don’t get wrong size tyre it may cause problem or may not fit on your rim. Must check the tyre size and other stuff, below you can understand about how to check tyre size.
  • Manufacturing date: Don’t purchase old stock from tyre shop, check the manufacturing date before buy any new tire, here is a image where you can understand how to check the date and other stuff.
  • Color stripes: Stripes on tyres means very new and fresh but in Pakistan it is very rare that you can get such kind of fresh tyre from any shop, see an image
  • Rubber hairs: Little rubber hairs that you see on every new tire.Technically, they are called vent spews,, unable to see dots on tires indicate that the tyre is not new, Here is an image for more clear understanding.

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  • Warranty: Try to purchase only warranty tyre but in case of non availability of warranty must consider above points along with buy from only known shop person to be able to replace it from him in case of any problem in it.

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Dunlop tyres-prices in pakistan isn’t easy to find it out apart from that, prices and quality is genuine in most shops in pakistan

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    1. yes all are smuggled, if you want non-smuggled tires then the same size cost 1000 rupee more per tires. In Pakistan less margin in non-smuggled tires and high margin in smuggled tires, therefore dealers prefers more non-smuggled tires.. i don,t have a exact price of this size.

    1. All these price taken from whole tire sale dealer to inform you more about the right price while you purchase from anywhere in pakistan.. let me remind you that these are the whole sale price, and retail price are bit more than that..

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    Please could you let me know how much a set of four Dunlop tyres would cost?
    The size of the tyres required is 205/55R16. The model model of my car is a 2009 Mercedes C200.

  2. HI
    I Wanna change tyres of Suzuki Wagon R . existing tyre size is 145/80/13
    kindly suggest me which size is suitable for WagonR ( Pakistani)

  3. I Wanna change tyres of Suzuki Wagon R . existing tyre size is 145/80/13
    kindly suggest me which size is suitable for WagonR ( Pakistani)

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