Top 10 Foolish Car Wash Fails

Here is the top 10 foolish car wash fails in the video.

People in this video showing irresponsibility with totally carelessness while car washing, however all these 10 clips are simply to get people laugh and to get lesson from what they had done recklessly while car washing.

In the very first video guy come outside to put back wipers on their position which was dislocated while washing, but guy didn’t know that he was doing something terribly wrong which could harm the guy badly lucky he was saved, see for yourself.

Other video where two people intentionally sitting in the car while car wash, the objective is to make the video which was absolutely a bad idea it could harm both these people, My advice would be to not do anything that let you in a dangerous position because life is a treasure and don’t waste it like that.

In the other don’t wash your car if you don’t know how to do it just like a lady washing back door panel, seats and leathers from inside by soap.

Don’t drink too much particularly for those who drive, as you seen in the clips a guy is totally drunk and came for a car wash but unfortunately could control the car and hit the car to the wall across the car wash, luckily nobody get hurts including driver but not every day is a lucky day for you.

If you don’t know how to drive a car then please don’t put other people life in danger, you will see in that video.

One of other video are not directly relate to car wash but relate to recklessness, Repair man accidentally damage the car.

All these videos is an example for the people to get lesson and try to avoid those situation, Lets enjoy the top 10 foolish car wash fails.

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