Types of Car Wash Explained

Vehicles need to be wash regularly at least once a week it protects your car from dust, debris, pollen, tree tap, air borne pollutants and mud, car experts suggest to wash a car and protect from any harmful contaminants which could affect paint and the color of the car.

There are various types of car wash available which will be explained in it.

List of cars washing system

Touchless car wash or Automatic car wash

A system require a car to park at a fix place or position inside the car wash cabin and specific automatic robots do the job by using water, chemical detergents and soap and only these three contacted physically to a car, this system takes not more than 15 minutes, a person has a choice to sit in a car or to wait outside car cabin before it gets finished.


  • Certainly quicker than convential car wash
  • Do not harm external body paint from scratches


  • Touchless car wash have a limited capacity to wash a car only external body

Tunnel car wash

Tunnel car wash system is very similar to automatic car wash except the vehicle walk on a conveyor belt from the entrance side and comes out from the other side, the other difference is the roller brushes which used in the tunnel for car washing and cleaning, and it only takes less than 5 minutes for all process.


  • Quicker than every car washing system
  • Cheaper than every car washing system


  • Hard roller brushes could harm the external body paint in terms of scratches
  • Malfunctioning of the tunnel system could harm the car or the person himself

Steam less Carwash

This is the most productive and innovative system introduced in the market for car washing, number of steam car washing service station been built around the world. It will not only save a lot of water but it also clean a car from external and internally with minimal use of water, small systems are available in the market for home use, it requires only I gallon of water for whole car steam wash.


  • It protect from any external body paint scratches at a time of car wash


  • It require more time for full car wash clean
  • Expensive than other car washing system

Waterless car wash

There is a lot of product available in the market, you just need a microfiber cleaning towel and the waterless car wash chemical to clean a car. However this system might not be as effective as other system due to less awareness and less experimented therefore could not hold this type of car wash system in the line of other systems, however if someone wants to save a water then this one would be his first choice, many products from famous to low popular brand waterless car wash product available.

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  • Use zero percent water except the chemical


  • It wouldn’t clean all the car especially from underneath and small corner areas which require certain water pressure from jets to clean it up

Conventional car wash

This one is the most expensive but most usable system in the world, car owners prefer over all other systems available in market, you can clean your car up to your demand, any polish or wax either inside or outside would be done at your request, this car wash system also called hand wash because in this system people do all car washing, cleaning and polishing.

  1. Detail car wash:

Detail car wash fall in the heading of conventional car wash, except detail car wash, detail includes all interior components and all exterior components, it only be done by professional and experts to make the car back to almost in new condition. Detail car wash full information.


  • It can clean all areas of the car even small corners and underneath body
  • Interior and exterior cleaning at a same place save a lot of your time


  • There is no limit in terms of price it can go high to low as per your demand
  • It requires a lot of your precious time for this mission
  • Low quality fiber cloth or chemical might harm your car both internally and externally


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