What is car detailing

What is car Detailing: People gets confused when hear about car detailing actually in reality cleaning is the other name of car detailing In UK people say vale ting instead of detailing or cleaning hopefully people now fully understand about detailing but there is a difference about simply cleaning and detailing which will be discuss in detail.

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What is car Detailing refers to as a complete thorough cleaning enhancing, restoring and protecting all parts of a vehicle in order to keep it looking its very best and retain much of its value and a detail differs from your average car clean , It includes interior and exterior with top to bottom.

Such detailing involves special polish, products and liquid to make that car back to almost new or retain some value from inside and outside; it can take more than one day to clean the interior and exterior.

Complete interior (seats, dashboard. Floor carpet) take it out from the car and wash it separately to clean the dirt and contaminated parts of the interior it might take hours and hours of works from special chemicals and products to make sure that they are well cleaned.

What is car detailing not only include interior but it add exterior as well because the most expose and vulnerable part of the car is the outer body, and do often get scratches to all outer body parts while parking or drive in to tight passages therefore the trick and most important part in detail is to hide or eliminate scratches as much as they can in order to look good as it was without scratches.

Procedure of outer cleaning such as paintwork starts from complete car wash before starts any works to make sure whether there is no dust at all, then use wax compound on it by using roller machine to eliminate the thin scratches and then use other products to remove or light other deep scratches and in the end use polish on   paint to make the car back in to shine and looks good.

Engine also be clean, polish, dressed and protected during detailing from products and chemicals used for other areas , engine detailing varied from person to person some say engine should have to do first before starts any of the other areas of the cars so it just depends on person to person priority.

The general practice of what is car detailing undertaken to ensure that the vehicle is kept in as good condition as possible during ownership. Once a full detail has been undertaken, mini details or maintenance cleans can be performed on a regular basis which will not be as involved as a full detail yet will help to give all parts of the vehicle that ‘just detailed’ look. this is the full and detail process of about what is car detailing and people now have to detail their car once in a year it helps by protecting the car for a long time from inside and outside in addition in case of selling apparent condition meant a lot and detailing can benefit the car owner in terms of providing value increase.

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