Hybrid Car Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

Why hybrid cars are good and bad will be elaborate in terms of advantages and disadvantages to give an idea about whether the hybrid cars are worthwhile to buy instead of gasoline or electric.

In Auto motor industry three types of car available in the market, gasoline, hybrid and electric cars.

Approximately 81 out of 100 percent gasoline cars on the roads , but from recent decade trend now changed in to other engines such as hybrid and electric from internal combustion engine.

However electric cars still too much expensive and not available in most of the markets with no facilities of refueling in the form of charging, however hybrid technology is cheaper than electric and certainly available to many more markets than electric.

How Hybrid technology works in cars.

There is a standard gasoline powered engine as well as an electric motor that gets its juice from a rechargeable battery pack. The idea is to create an environmentally friendly vehicle with better gas mileage and lower emissions. A hybrid is assisted by the electric motor but it is still primarily an internal combustion gasoline powered vehicle.

Users love the hybrid technology over gasoline cars due to many reasons; here we will discuss hybrid car technology advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of having a hybrid car.

  • Hybrid cars are more fuel efficient than gasoline car it cost less per liter than normal gasoline engine almost 38 percent cheaper.
  • More cleaner, environment friendlier and less emission than normal gasoline engines.
  • Hybrid rechargeable battery pack can live for more than five years without any replacement.
  • Resale values of these cars are better than normal gasoline cars, it totally depends on car condition but indeed the resale value is more than normal vehicles.
  • Best car to drive in city roads, Prius and some other cars can run wholly on electric motors for the next 30 minutes without using any gasoline if the speed of the car stays at 40 miles per hour.
  • Most countries now begin to wave off some annual car tax and other bills as an incentive for hybrid cars .

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Disadvantages of hybrid cars

  • From buying perspective, cheaper than electric but still expensive than normal gasoline cars therefore not all users benefit from it.
  • At the time of battery replacement, user of the hybrid car require to get large chunk of cash approximately from 1000$ to 3000$ out of from pocket, which sometime difficult for the user to get it cash on time.
  • Repair and maintenance is expensive than normal gasoline cars and a lot complex, not everyone can repair it.
  • Hybrid car owner couldn’t get the Spare parts of the hybrid car easily due to fewer cars on the road therefore less parts available in the market.
  • Hybrid cars are not efficient on highways due to certain reasons such as some cars only use electric power when car speed is under 40 miles per hour, or some cars need to be stop or require frequent brake to recharge hybrid battery which is unlikely to be possible in long journeys on highway.


Definitely Hybrid technology is much better and cheaper for the users in terms of cost per mile but still not accessible for everyone due to its costs . Governments and other major stakeholders need to step in to subsidies hybrid cars to be able to sell cheaper than current price.

Top of the line 2017-18 Hybrid cars price:

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