More Than 299 Miles with Just One Charge Model 3

Unveiling of Tesla model 3 is already in media from such times, analyst and researchers criticizes of about  Elon Musk statement of low cost car with high mileage capacity for everyone, and now Tesla proved once again by providing a car with long range mileage almost 311 miles capacity equivalent to 500 km approximately, one time charge can drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and come back again with the same charge, it absolutely a worth investing for any individual who wants to save a lot of dollar in future life on petrol or gas.

However most of the companies and countries stating of changing its internal combustion engine to electric motor within a few decades but researchers believes that such fast paced advancement and improvement in the technology in electric cars might only need few years for complete transformation from petrol and diesel to electric cars in most developed nations.

So far this car is the only one in the market, who can go more than 299 miles with just one charge model 3 including with a cost of $44000.

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      Tesla model 3 is available in 2 versions

  • $35000 cost of Tesla 3 is available in single pack battery (Standard)

This model can cover only 220 miles single pack battery (Standard)

  • $44000 cost of Tesla 3 is available in double pack battery

This model can cover 311 miles from double pack battery

      Extra features:

$5000 dollar for extra premium features such as heated leather seats, sound system, and open-pore wood décor.


The ventilation system is a marvel, stretching in one long strip that spans the front seat. The touch screen allows both the driver and the passenger to instantly direct a wide flow of air wherever they want it. The scrolling dials on the steering wheel move in all four directions and allow you to adjust everything from the side windows to the music playlist.

Everything is control from 15 inch touch screen, which accepts inputs from voice commands and the two control knobs on the steering wheel.

      Market availability

Standard model of Tesla 3 wouldn’t available until fall, but long range battery models will be handed to the employees reserved last year.

Expectation of delivery time will be in the mid of 2018.

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