Car Battery Types and Sizes

Car batteries are the power providers of any vehicle. There are multiple types of car battery types and sizes available in the market. Therefore before buying a good battery, it is necessary to decide which type of battery would be more suitable to car and which size of Car battery will fit into the battery space of your automobile. Conceptualize and researching would be a better option for getting a best car battery.

There are two main types of car batteries, wet battery or valve-regulated lead-acid battery.

      Wet battery

Car Battery Types and Sizes

Wet cell battery is classic lead acid accumulator which has been inclusively designed for the automobiles. Wet cell batteries require maintenance after some period.  wet cell batteries use semi solid electrolyte and these are fully sealed. Modern day batteries of this kind are tightly sealed and do not require any maintenance. Whereas, old wet cell batteries require maintenance regularly as those were using water as electrolyte which evaporates due to hot weather and also due to extensive heat of the vehicle engine.

For the usage of wet cell batteries which use water,  use distilled water as electrolyte otherwise you would end up damaging your car battery.

In the Wet category, there are two types of Sub Categories:

1.      Deep Cycle battery

Deep cycle batteries  commonly use in marine industry, especially designed for long lasting than others. These types of batteries can bear charges for long time, and are resistible even when fully discharged. And special feature of these batteries is they provide stable charging for long time.

2.      Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries

These batteries have only three functions (starting, lighting and igniting). Once  ignite the engine of vehicle, their alternator takes over and supplies power to system. These types of batteries are commonly available. These batteries are not tolerant  once they get discharged they do not recharge as other wet batteries do.

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      Valve-regulated lead acid batteries

These batteries use lead acid as electrolyte and are tightly sealed as they do not need any kind of maintenance. Main difference of these batteries with other batteries is there electrolyte is placed in different ways and liquid cannot come out. Main disadvantage of these automobile batteries is that these cannot be repaired once damaged.

1.      Gel

These batteries are very resistant to temperature, heat and vibrations. Their electrolyte is gel type liquid instead of normal liquid.

2.     AGM

Absorbed glass mat batteries have been designed in a very smart way. Electrolyte is placed in glass mats which are composed of thin fibers meshed together to form a compact mat.

      Types based on style:

  • Side post batteries

In this types of batteries, terminal attached to the side of batteries inside the vehicle at a L shape, e.g. GM friendly battery. Typical groups are 71, 74, 75.

  • Recessed top posts

Mostly Europeans cars use international style batteries in which the top posts recessed in the corner of battery to be able to equal the height of battery. These common type of groups are 41, 42, 47, 48 and 49.

  • Standard top post:

These are the most commonly seeing batteries use in American, European and Japanese car, but makes sure about the correct type and size, common battery group sizes are 24, 24F, 25, 34, 35, 51, 51R, 52, 58.

 Which types of car batteries are used in cars?

  • Batteries selection based up vehicle engine, model, battery plate size and most important your budget.
  • Wet cell batteries are cheaper than dry batteries.
  • Brand of the battery does matter to the extent in case of brand conscious, otherwise stick to the market going product, (AGM,EXIDE, EVERSTART) and many others in the same category.

 What is the group size on a car battery?

These are the standard sizes for most of the car manufacturers, however it can be change on your current requirement.

  • ¬†Size 65 Top Terminal:¬†For larger and heavy vehicles such as ford and Mercury.
  • ¬†Size 75 Side Terminal: GM cars and chrysler and compact midsize cars.
  • ¬†Size 24/25F Top Terminal: Honda, Nissan, Acura¬†toyota Lexus Cars.
  • ¬†Size 34/78 Dual Terminal: Suvs, Pick ups and sedan vehicles.
  • ¬†Size 35 Top Terminal: Honda, Nissan and Subaru vehicles.

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