Car Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Car Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks: Car battery is a essential component of the car, without it car is useless, therefore driver should have to maintain car battery to prevent issues in case of battery problems, such problems are as discussed below.

Battery Life

  • Normally the conventional life of a battery is up to maximum 2.5 years.
  • And dried battery life is up to maximum 3.2 years.

Both batteries can go as above mentioned age on one condition if the user follows below steps to maintain car battery.

However the battery needs little check up frequently to get the maximum usage of battery life, In order to do this there is steps to follow.

In addition, battery problems and how to handle all problems while driving or in garage can be possible himself by using simple tools and technique.

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Steps of Car Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks:

  • Do not plug the battery right into the car in case of newly purchase battery.
  • Battery firstly has to charge for at least 6 hrs before it gets ready to install.
  • Add distilled (or drinking) water to the level set on the battery, Do not overfill it.
  • Frequently check the level of water in the battery especially in hot summer.
  • Keep clean the carbons from the terminals to avoid problems in the battery to charge.
  • Replace the terminals if corrosion occurs on it.
  • Don’t turn on the A.C and lights without engine on.
  • Check the battery voltage & gravity by using gauge frequently.
  • Don’t put the battery off for a long time it can dead the battery as well.
  • Always check battery terminals that it hold it tightly.

Battery can be dead for many reasons such as old battery, electrical issue most probably connector also called terminals may not tight enough which hold current, water in the battery becomes empty, and the last ones would be the generator of a car may not working correctly.

How to back put back on life of a dead battery temporarily

  • A driver should have to buy the wire for the battery in case of emergency otherwise it can’t be possible without it.
  • A wire also called Battery connector to other battery which can be use for battery charging,
  • Attach cable to your battery with other battery if you don’t have then ask someone who have and start the car this will helps your battery to back on live if your battery still some life then it may live couple of days.
  • If battery dead during driving and no battery connector in the car then the best option to call service provider.
  • Use soda powder and put a small tea spoon into the car battery, soda ash have the power to open the battery cells to some extent where battery working from abnormal position to normal for a while ,It just helps the battery on a temporary basis to work.
  • Battery can also be dead by completing his life span, In this case a battery must be replaced immediately, But a driver can start the car by using above rules
  • Look for a date of purchase (it may be handwritten). The battery case will also have a detail stating its expected life, such as 40 or 45 months. If it’s near the end of this expected service life, battery has to be replaced.
  • To know of how to revive a dead car battery epsom salt

Other reasons of battery weak

Usually corrosion comes on battery positive, negative terminals causing, block the power coming from the generator to charge the battery.

  • TO avoid these entire troubles driver should have to check these issues in order to avoid it,

Car Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks steps and guideline as mentioned above would be very helpful for the user including beginners.

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