Tesla New Car 2016

Tesla New Car 2016:

Tesla stunt the world in 2008 when it first introduced it fully electric car with no fuel required at all name roadster which covers 320km per charge and it was absolutely astonishing, initially people get shocked and accepting that car as a future vision, but the vision of the future becomes real when it comes into the market, it instantly got so much attraction all over the world, sold 2250 units of roadster to more than 31 countries.

However it was in the market from 2008 to 2012 but didn’t get as much market share, problem was too much cost of the car close to US$110000.

Additionally charging is a big issue for the car not every countries have a station to charge the car.

Another Model X and Model S was launched subsequently but the results were same as previous ones the cost of the product was so high for the average customer.


Therefore company decided to change the strategy by keeping the product cost as low as it can be for the average public to afford it but embedded the technology as same, in fact more advanced than predecessors model s, therefore they achieved by launched a tesla new car 2016 in march with the name of Model 3 and the cost of this car starts from US35000.

Model 3 is a state of the art technology with having a top of the list features:
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While the overall profile is distinctly Tesla, the Model 3 introduces some new design traits, most notably the flat, grille-less face at the front.

It has a target drag coefficient of just 0.21cd for optimum efficiency.

The glass roof stretches from the bottom of the windshield into the hunched rear end, although the Model 3 does not have a hatchback boot. Instead, a second storage space lies under the bonnet.

According to Electrek, the wider boot could lead to different versions of the Model 3, such as an optional all-glass panoramic roof.

It is as fast as other top sports cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and so on

0 to 60Miles in just 5.8 seconds

215 Miles in just one recharge by having dual-motor power train on rear and front side

Tesla New Car 2016 featues:

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BGR highlight’s Musk’s words that the clutter-free cabin would “make more sense” in the future, saying the lack of controls and items with which the driver can interact, beyond the central touch screen, steering wheel and pedals, possibly indicate some sort of self-driving capabilities.

5 seating capacity with upper and front space in the trunk

Have the ability to recharge instantly In just only 30mintes or quicker by using super charger available with Model 3 (Add on)

Big Led Screen to operate all features directly from it including fully high quality leather with heated message seats

In this new model the most attractive feature is autopilot driver software which is absolutely amazing for the consumer to use it.


Feedback about this car is just as it was expecting by the Tesla including all over the world, however the tesla new car 2016 by the name of Model 3 expecting delivery late 2017 just in USA as far as stats concerns.

To get the most of the market share from other cars makers they must have to facilitate everywhere especially in Europe, China and Australia to get the most share out of it.

How to Facilitate:

Install recharging station to most of the places

Production capacity must be increase in order to full fill shipments

Make that car more economical for third world countries those countries have a huge potential market for these type of cars; they become fed up with such a high gas prices.


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