Car Engine Coolant Types

Here is the list of Car Engine Coolant Types:


What is Coolant?

Coolant is antifreeze, anti corrosion liquid which made up of three ingredients Ethanol glycerol, polypropylene glycerol and distills water.

How it works?

Coolant as mentioned is an antifreeze formula which allows the car engine to prevent from heat up in hot weather and allow the engine to prevent from freeze up in cold weather.

It also prevents the engine from corrosion inside it.( radiator, water body, water pipers and etc)

Is it really helpful?

It was first introduced in 1935 and it continue to add new technology to improve coolant function and efficiency which is so far produced excellent result in reality, such as it works and allow the engine to function at it best under worst circumstances including save engine from heat up and freeze up.

Therefore owner of the vehicles should have to use coolant for their vehicle engine for better performance and safety.

What if vehicles owner does not use coolant for their car engine but to prefer simple water?

Literally speaking it would be bad for the engine, especially for those who use simple water, it damage the body from inside, it’s a disease which arise in the form of corrosion sometime u wouldn’t even know that your radiators have been corroded  and suddenly the corroded area of the engine becomes explode and all water leaked through that hole.

Do brand really matters?

Yes of course it does matters a lot for coolant quality and quantity and effectiveness, buy the best coolant brand for your engine even it cost it double than other local brand, don’t compromise the brand with cost, early cost would save a lot of money for many years unlike other cheap brand lead them quick results in terms of high cost of repair and maintenance so better be careful rather than smart.

Car Engine Coolant types and what engine coolant for my car:

There are not so many varieties in the market only limited to 3 types (Inorganic Acid Technology, Organic Acid Technology, and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology).

Inorganic Acid Technology:

This coolant contains phosphate and silicate corrosion inhibitors, which helps protect the car’s engine and radiator. It is recommended that this coolant is flushed out of the car’s system every 20,000 miles.

Organic Acid Technology:

Dyed in dark green, this coolant doesn’t have phosphate and silicate protection. However, it can last much longer than IAT.

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology:

Available in different colors (orange and yellow), HOAT is quite a unique coolant. It contains some silicates to help prevent corrosion, along with some additives.

All these are for all vehicles but some people want best for their engine it can only be find out by reading out car manuals in details about what type of coolant would be best for engine.

Right coolant for right engine would be easily find it out from other sources such as auto parts shop which knows very well about car engine and best coolant for them, other sources are Walt-Mart’s which is a online retail store helps you a lot to find out the best Car Engine Coolant Types.