Why Brake Pads Worn Out In 3 Month?

Have you ever noticed that your car’s brake pads frequently wear out in three months or less and wondered why? And if that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the right place.

The brake pads that sit between the rotor and caliper play an important role in slowing or stopping a car. The brake rotors make contact with and apply pressure to the brake discs, slowing or stopping your vehicle.

Because of the constant pressure, they are subjected to, brake pads wear out over time. In this post, we’ll explain why brake pads wear out so quickly.

Why do Brake Pads Worn out in 3 Months or less?

High friction is the main reason why your car brake pads wear out so quickly in the first few months. Keep in mind that the primary function of brake pads is to slow down your vehicle by applying pressure to the rotor, which is directly connected to the wheel.

We will discuss here the reasons and mistakes one by one to guide the audience about what could we do to slow the brake pads’ worn-out lifespan to some extent.

Common Reasons that affect your brake pads lifespan

Your Driving Style

Brake Pads Worn Out In 3 Month

Your driving style is a major factor in determining how quickly your brake pads wear out. People who drive at high speeds, for example, change their brake pads more frequently than those who drive smoothly.

Because of the high amount of friction generated while braking, driving at high speeds puts more strain on the brake pads. When you drive fast, your vehicle requires a lot of stopping power, putting a lot of strain on the brake pads.

Drivers who drive slower and smoother, on the other hand, put less strain on the brake pads, causing them to last longer.

The type and quality of brake pads

Another important factor that influences how long your brake pads last is the type of brake pads you have installed on your vehicle.

Ceramic brake pads, carbon fiber brake pads, semi-metallic brake pads, and organic brake pads are just a few examples.

Some brake pads last longer than others. When all other factors are held constant, ceramic brake pads outlast semi-metallic brake pads.

As a result, the type of brake pads in your vehicle will determine how frequently you will replace them.

Transmission type

Brake Pads Worn Out In 3 Month

The lifespan of your brake pads is also affected by the transmission in your vehicle. Your brake pads will last longer if your vehicle has a manual transmission rather than an automatic transmission.

Instead of relying solely on brake pads, manual transmissions can slow down by shifting gears.

The use of Warped Rotors and Calipers

If components of your braking system, such as rotors and calipers, need to be replaced, your brake pads will wear out quickly. If your brake pads are wearing out faster than usual, have your rotors and calipers inspected and replacement parts purchased.

Road conditions

Brake Pads Worn Out In 3 Month

The road conditions will also influence how quickly the brake pads wear out. For example, if you drive in rough terrain, your car brake pad will wear out faster than if you drive in flat terrain.

Common Mistakes that affect your brake pads lifespan

Abnormal Weight

The more mass your car has, the more momentum it has when driving, and the more energy your brakes have to use to stop it. Therefore, to increase the lifespan of your brake pads and the rest of your braking system, you should refrain from driving with too much weight in your car.

When not needed, remove bulky junk from your car. When your car is not in use, make sure to unhitch any trailers you are towing with it.

Don’t Use Lower Gears      

Lower gears cause a vehicle to drive more slowly by nature. This is an opportunity for you to reduce your vehicle’s speed while traveling downhill without applying the brakes. Using a lower gear to slow down your car reduces brake pad wear.

When your car has a propensity to accelerate, such as when you’re going downhill, drive in lower gear. In all manual transmission automobiles and certain automatic transmission vehicles as well, gears can be used to moderate speed.

Avoid shifting up past third gear when traveling downhill if you operate a manual car. If your automatic gearbox has first or second-gear selections, you may also control speed by changing gears while driving. In addition to driving, many automatic gearbox types also include lower ratios for downshifting.

Improper Flushing Brake Lines

Flushing your brake lines is one of the most crucial maintenance procedures for your braking system. To avoid air bubbles building up in the braking fluid, brake lines must be cleaned. These air bubbles reduce the efficiency of the brakes and stop the brake fluid from efficiently lubricating the brakes to reduce mechanical wear.

Every two years or so, you should have your mechanic clean your brake lines and replace your braking fluid.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do brake pads last on average?

How long your car will last depends on a variety of things, including your driving style, the sort of gearbox it has, how frequently you drive it, how your brake pads are installed, and much more.

If you drive quickly and stop a lot, your brake pads will wear out more quickly than if you drive carefully and slowly.

How many miles on average do brake pads last?

Between 25, 000 and 65, 000 miles pass before brake pads need to be replaced. Even if an exact number cannot be supplied, brake pads should be changed every 40 000 miles.

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