How often Coolant Flush

Generally the average time to flush the coolant around after 50,000 to 60,000 miles or every 1 to 2 years but that rule may not be fix for all cars, it varies according to car models, owners manual instruction, climate condition and other common factors.

Coolant Definition:

Coolant is an antifreeze formula of organic chemical made from most often ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, or propylene glycol and water, its function is to maintain the water into the engine to not to get freeze in cold temperature and not to get too hot in hot temperature, formula also contain to prevent rust and corrosion.

How often coolant flush depends on number of factors

Engine Coolant types:

There are three types of antifreeze coolant available in the market, green, red, yellow and orange, green have a shorter lifespan as compare to orange one, and in addition the green one cost cheaper than the other coolant types. Coolant types and quality are in detail in the article coolant engine types.

Car owner’s manual instructions

Each car has its own specification and the duration to flush the coolant after a specific period of time are written in manual instruction.

Climate condition

Cars in hot climate areas are exposed to more heat and temperature and the cheaper coolant time to work at that temperature would be less than the standard time period.

How much does it cost to flush coolant?

Coolant flush cost will be depends on Labor, car model, and the coolant type. To estimate the coolant flush cost will be around from $15 to $120 US. Walmart is the cheaper one followed by Pep Boys and Mr. Tire.

How do you flush the coolant at home?

  • To avoid labor cost, you can drain it out from your engine block and radiator completely by using simple tools to be able to open the radiator pipe clamps.
  • Ensure that the engine is cool otherwise it can damage you while draining.
  • Lift the front side of the car is not necessary but some cars need to be lift it out before reaching to the bottom side of the radiator hole or called valve.
  • Radiator pipe fixed at two ends one in the upper side and the other in the lower side, both fixed with the engine water circulation system to circulate the coolant for keeping engine at certain temperature for optimal performance.
  • Open bottom end pipe by using specific screws, the bottom end pipe or called (hose) is usually attached to the bottom of one of the radiator tanks and is the only bolt you will find there.

  • You may need to remove a small plastic covering from beneath the radiator to get to the drainage valve and let the fluid drain it out.
  • Draining fluid from engine and radiator only remove 50 to 55 percent of your coolant so you need a water to flush it out completely.
  • Use garden hose to fill the water in the radiator from upper side hole with pressure, it will take it out all remaining fluid from radiator.
  • Next what you need to take it out all fluid from engine, Insert the garden hose pipe to the radiator pipe which fitted with water pressure pump, start your engine and fill the water until the remaining fluid drain it out from the valve located at underneath(bottom side).
  • Tight both pipes with screw as it was fitted before and fill the new coolant with the mixture of water, the general formula of mixing of coolant is about 50:50 water and coolant, however in the market you can buy the already mixed coolant.

Same Method but without removing pipe.

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