Toyota Aqua in Pakistan 2017-18

Toyota Prius C import in Pakistan on the name of Toyota Aqua (Japanese version) hybrid in 2011, initially Aqua didn’t get much attention in a Pakistani market, but with the passage of times, Toyota Aqua in Pakistan got a good market.

In Pakistan, it can cost the buyer from 1.6 million to 2.2 million Pak rupees depending on the grade and the version of the model.

Versions available in the market:

So far three version available in the market G, S, L, G/G and G GR Sport with some added features & Specification  including soft-touch leather package, multi steering wheel, original infotainment system, rear parking sensors with back camera and so on.

Aqua resale value:

Toyota Aqua resale value considers to be good in the market in terms of imported cars, but not as good as Pakistani local assemble brands such as Corolla and Honda, therefore consider this  before deciding to buy an Aqua.

Why is Toyota Aqua so popular?

Having an excellent fuel mileage with an advantage of hybrid technology put this car the most fuel efficient in his class apart from Toyota Prius.

Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption

  • 34 Kilometer per Liter on highway
  • 25 kilometer per Liter on city

These mileage only be possible if the battery is working at their full capacity, normally it is unlikely to be seen in pakistan with full working batteries of Aqua.

So the best possible mileage of a Aqua having a top grade with under 20,000 Km driven 3 years old from current year in pakistan is about 26 KMPL on highway and 19 KMPL on city.

In this same price in Pakistan, people can easily buy Corolla GLI, Honda City but these cars are not up to the standards of comfort, luxurious and performance.

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  • If someone wants this car then he must understand about Aqua market value isn’t as good as other cars.
  • Non-availability of spare parts
  • Repair and maintenance cost is very high

Aqua close competitors:

Honda fit is an excellent car and close rival of Aqua; Honda fit looks more stylish, spacious including high-class premium interior.

I would recommend Honda fit over Aqua due to his unique look and design, apart from that both these cars come with 1500cc hybrid engine technology.

Toyota Aqua hybrid battery life

Aqua battery life is similar to Prius battery along with lifespan of the battery, Aqua battery live up to 5 years if you are lucky otherwise average life is just up to 3 years.

Toyota Aqua battery price in Pakistan

Toyota Aqua and Prius batteries are same with the same specification and can cost the buyers from 75,000 Pakistani rupees to 300,000 Pakistani, a however price of hybrid batteries may vary, it depends on location, battery age, and company.

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Best location to get hybrid batteries

Can find it from,, and other cars site, so many sellers placed an ad about a sale of hybrid batteries.

Where to find a Toyota Aqua hybrid battery in Karachi and Lahore?

Pakistani people can obtain directly from Toyota dealership, but it can cost more than privately registered distributors.


Need to look all above facts before deciding to buy a Toyota aqua in Pakistan.




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