Top Reasons Car Wont Start While Driving In Heavy Rain

There is a multiple reason of car wont start in rainy weather, some basic issues arises at the time of rain which mostly cause the car having a trouble are here at below, however apart from these listed reasons, car could have other issue which are not directly related to rainy season, therefore the most common in all season especially for rainy season are here to elaborate for the audience to be able to get maximum knowledge about what top reasons car wont start while driving in heavy rain.

Spark plug

Spark plug

While driving in the rainy road the water reach to the area of where spark plug fitted and little drop of water inside the coil cap can cause for the car to not start or starts missing.

  • First advice to drive slow on road in with lots of water.
  • Second advice, in case of water reached into the sparking plug cap, Just take it out to get it dry and see the problem is fixed.
  • Must clean the sparking plug cap before putting back on it because of carbon contain in it.

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Distributor cap

Distributor cap

Check inside the distributor cap for dampness. If you find moisture, get some carburetor cleaners or solvents from any service station — the kind of chemical they used to clean car parts. Evaporate any dampness inside the distributor cap, turn the cap upside down and spray some solvent into it. Switch it around and pour it out. Then dry the cap as best as you can with a clean lint-free towel. If you still find moisture then the problem would be often crack cap or a bad seal.

Other reasons are not fixed to a rainy season, but the most common issues of car wont start after  heavy rain or without rain

Battery dead after rain could be for many reason, but the most common in a wet road could be any exposed wire or insulation where the water hit the wire cause the wire wet and damaged, which probably the reason for dead battery, Check any exposed wires ( under the mat floor, door panels).

Battery cells becomes weak and could not be able to provide enough current to self  starter to circle the motor for car to start, how to check whether the battery cells is weak go to this article for further info.

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Batter terminals become loose or hold too much corrosion on it,  this is the wholly reason behind the current for not passing freely from the battery to the engine and to the battery from the generator to charge a battery.

Alternator charge battery, and if alternator is not working then battery soon be dead and your car won’t start, therefore people should have to check alternator before replacing battery otherwise your problem remain unsolved.

Fuel filter supply gas to the engine, if it’s not work properly or completely out of work, in this scenario car couldn’t be able to start, must replace old filter. (consult from expert to check fuel pressure and its condition).

Self starter is another issue for car not to start, self starter get stuck and unable to rotate motor to get engine start, in that case seeks auto repair shop.

Wires in old cars becomes expose to danger if it doesn’t replace or fix it timely  and sometime these issues are the main reason for electrical short circuit in rainy weather.


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