Good Lubricants for Car Window Tracks

Car Engine is not the only part of car that needs to be lubricated after regular intervals of time, in fact there are also other parts that require lubrication after some time like carburetor, brake linkages, transmission, clutch linkages, water pumps, steering pumps and window tracks. To avoid your automobile from being useless after several years, if you love your car a lot, then you need to take good care of car to keep it in good clean shape. Otherwise it looks like trash and nobody wants to travel in a trash. Therefore, it is necessary to keep every part of your car clean for maintaining its longevity.

Car Maintenance Schedule by Mileage or Time

There can be many problems that can arise due to dirt and drying up of windows tracks like it starts squeaking or it render problems in opening the window, often gives disturbing noise. Usually, this problem occurs when lubricant wears off after some interval of time. Lubrication after specific interval of time offers flow in the tracks for windows to move smoothly and without any irritating sounds. There is no need to look for auto mechanic for lubrication, you just have to get good lubricating oil for your car window tracks, and apply it there. This process is so easy and simple.

Listed below is the Good lubricants for car window tracks.

Silicone lubricant 3M 0889 (dry type): is a good choice for lubricating your automobiles window tracks. This product has got better reviews. Consumers are much satisfied with its long lasting feature. It really provides flow in the car tracks, keeping away dirt and providing lubrication for long time once it is applied. One thing should be cared properly that it is being applied nicely so that it is reaching till the end parts of window tracks. Otherwise, tracks start jamming soon as its lower parts stay dry and do not offer much lubrication for the widows to move over the tracks.

Lubrication available in many qualities such as Ezi-Glide , WD-40 and so on but 3m is the best lubricant for car windows tracks.

Good Lubricants for Car Window TracksGeneral Guidelines of How to Use:

  • Loose the screws using Philip screwdrivers and if the car is connected through electrical wire, then disconnect it.
  • Screw the top units of the window tracks. Now loose the door panel bolt with the help of wrench.
  • Pull the car door and with the help of insulator cover inside door panels. Locate the window channel where window rolls over.
  • Apply careful silicone lubricant and have a refreshing sense of updated car.
  • Now get rid of squeaking and jamming of car window tracks at least for 6 months.
  • Don’t drop off remaining oil because you are going to need it later for the same purpose or you will need silicone lubricating oil for oiling other squeaking or jammed parts like nuts, bolts etc.

Small car care tips are not only meant to provide safety of your automobile but are necessary to keep your lover (car) afresh and new. Lubricating parts provides more interest in your old car for rides. Although, older versions of automobiles are technically more reliable but still they need proper maintenance like lubrication after regular intervals.

Good Lubricants for Car Window TracksThis Lubrication not only limited to car windows tracks but it can also effective for home, office and other windows tracks.


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