Nissan Finally Launch a compaign for Saudi Women to Drive a Car

A Nissan company launch a surprise campaign for the women to learn driving from their instructors in future.

The women in the video say that while they’re delighted by the prospect, they face reluctance from some of their family members.

Nissan invited aspiring female motorists to hone their driving skills and build confidence on a closed driving course, with a plot twist: Instead of professional instructors, the women were met by their respective husbands, fathers and brothers who were their teachers for the day.

In addition a surprise video on the name of she drives campaign as an inspirational video for the women here below.

A direct video link can be found by clicking My Nissan drives and for other relevant articles and discussion on the matter of Saudi women driving campaign.

Hope fully in the future other companies would come up with other inspiration, motivational events for the women to step up more and more.

There would be a too much stress on the Saudi women to drive a car first time, Women need family support to gain confidence.


Majority of the Saudi public might not be happy with this move, still don’t know how the families react to this, whether the husbands, fathers and brothers of the women permit her to go outside on a car as z a driver regardless of having a licensee.

There is an issue drive around all over the Saudi Arabia, it against their trend, custom and culture, to change that long trend will take time, how long it depends on the society acceptance including Saudi families.

 Driving license Eligibility :

Need to get a few lesson as required along with the driving test to pass is conditional for the women.

Age must be legal for driving licence as set by Saudi Arabia for women.

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