Best Japanese 660cc Car in Pakistan

Imported Japanese cars in Pakistan became very popular due to their features, specification and price, however the best Japanese 660cc car in Pakistan might not be the accurate list, some of them in the list could be on the better spot than the listed ones in this article.

Criteria of best Japanese 660cc car in Pakistan

  • Number of units sold per year
  • Spare parts availability
  • Resale value of the car
  • Reliable and durable

Quality and features could be much better of other cars not in the list, but according to the above criteria these are the best cars in Pakistan.

List of the best Japanese 660cc cars in Pakistan

  1. Daihatsu Mira
  2. Suzuki Alto
  3. Suzuki Wagon R
  4. Suzuki Every
  5. Daihatsu Move
  6. Daihatsu HI jet
  7. Honda n Wagon
  8. Nissan Days

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All these cars equip with better features and technology, which is unavailable in the Pakistani local cars similar to the class of these cars in terms of price.


  • All these 660cc cars are fuel efficient some of them comes with Eco variant to make the car more fuel economical, an average all these car without eco mode cover in the city up to 13 to 14 kilometer per liter.
  • In hot weather small local 800cc Suzuki Mehran car Air conditioner cannot handle more than two people at a time, but the Japanese A/C is┬ámuch better and can easily cool the temperature with more than two people.
  • Specs and features on these cars are highly luxurious and technological, common features includes, Push Start button, ABS, Air Bags, Eco Mode, Auto Climate Control.


  • Expensive spare parts.
  • These are the city drove cars, long routes on these cars with more than two person is not recommended for these vehicles.
  • All these is reconditioning cars, Low grade cars required frequent repair and maintenance.
  • Fraud on Japanese cars in Pakistan is┬ánormal as like eating a breakfast, sell as a high grade car but in reality the car grade is much lower than stated.
  • Documents verification has been an issue for a long time for the customer.
  • No control price on the imported Japanese cars in Pakistan.
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