Michelin Tyres in Pakistan, price dealers in Lahore,karachi,Islamabad and Multan

Michelin Tyres  world among the most famous tyre brand, best for style, design, performance and comfort, top cars makers recommended for Michelin tyres to make the car performance best out of it, however no direct dealership of Michelin tyres in Pakistan, but many tyres dealers manage to import from Uk and Germany via hidden routes to be able to sell it at a reasonable price.

Here we discuss the current prices of the Michelin tyres and the dealers in Pakistan who dealing these tyres including checklist before purchasing any new Michelin tyre.

Michelin Tyres price list in Pakistan as at on 2018:


Due to Recent economic changes in currency valuation all tyres prices has been increased by 10 percent effective from 1ST June 2019.

SrNo: Size Company Pattern Make By Price
1 185-65-R-14 Michelin XM2 UK 78,00.00
2 185-70-R-14 Michelin XM2 UK 78,00.00
3 195-65-R-15 Michelin XM2 UK 9,700.00
4 205-65-R-15 Michelin XM2 UK 10,500.00
5 215-55-R-16 Michelin XM2 Germany 13,500.00
6 215-60-R-16 Michelin XM2 Germany 13,500.00
7 215-65-R-16 Michelin N/A Germany 14,500.00

All these are on Pak rupees with the most current updated price list, only minor changes in price could be different from the above list.

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Michelin tyres dealer in Lahore:

So many dealers available in Lahore but the most popular dealer’s list are here below.

Lahore Tyres Traders

Address: New Anarkali, Naqi Rd.

Cell No: 0321-9442144

Lahore Tyre Centre

Address:  Auto Grain Market. Badami, Bagh

Cell No: 0300-7636863

Khawaja Autos

Address:  Auto Grain Market. Badami, Bagh

Cell No: 0300-9404307

Michelin tyres dealer in Karachi:

Techno Tyres

Address: Shah Faisal Avenue

Cell No: 021-36627999

New Asif Tyres

Address: Norman Arcade, Sir Shah Suleman

Cell No: 021-34942773

Michelin tyres dealer in Islamabad:

Japan Tyres

Address: Huma Plaza, Ak Fazl-ul-Haq, Rd

Cell No: 0345-2055505

Michelin tyres dealer in Multan:

Tyres Point

Address: Munsoora Multan Rd, Lahore

Cell No: 0321-2600026

All these dealers have got 3.5 above star rating.

New Tyre Checklist

  • Must check the manufacturing date, it should be the recent month or 2 months old at the time of buy

  • Check the Multicolor or single line on the new tyre as seen on the image.

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    1. All Michelin size with prices taken from whole sale dealers,Contact them here is a number of the best dealers in pakistan.

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