Can You Change the Motor Oil Brands

Let me explain more specifically when changing the brand or grade of the car would be the best fit for the car as people often question or are confused before changing the oil brand or grade.

Before thoroughly researching which oil with which brand is most suited for the vehicle, it is difficult to offer a perfect brand with the most appropriate grade for the engine.

Additionally, the other major point about engine oils is whether to go for synthetic or semi-synthetic (mineral oil).

People in Asia use mineral or semi-synthetic oil with the API of SG or SM but in other countries, people use synthetic with FA API which is the latest technology among oils.

Synthetic oils are more advanced and refined instead of mineral oils they just only save engine friction.

In actuality, a car’s ability to go 400,000/250000 km/miles on average with a single engine was nothing near that mark. Every cause of engine oil burn or engine failure starts with using low-quality oil or improper grade.

Engine overheating, low oil pressure, slow acceleration, and other issues are frequently explained by mechanics for a variety of reasons other than the motor oil itself.

Therefore before going anywhere else in case your vehicle has any of the above-mentioned problems, first check the oil level and oil quality and determine whether the motor oil I am using is the best fit.

So the question is Can You Change the Motor Oil Brands?

When to change the oil brand

Switching brands is not harmful to your engine as long as you choose an oil marked with the API donut of the same level, e.g., API

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Motor Oil Brand


  1. Brands are different in each country, so select the most popular in terms of performance wise among all brands.
  2. The second one was a hard one to catch, try to buy from recommended oil store, too many copies sell in the market under the name of popular brands, wrong oil could cause engine damage severely.
  3. Get expert advice about the oil brand with good quality.
  4. Each brand has a difference in grade viscosity, therefore, make sure about the correct viscosity and API.

Other reasons for changing brand and grade

New Engines from 0- 100,000/65000 km/miles

Before selecting a must-read car manual about the recommended oil grade.

Excessive engine oil consumption for the new engines could be a grade problem.

Engine wants high viscosity oil to fill up the gap such as 10w-40-15-40-20w-50.

Grade viscosity can be different with the same grade among different brands so if that is the case as mentioned, use synthetic oil instead of semi-synthetic and get some expert advice about the brand with synthetic technology.

Engines above 100,000/65000 km/miles

Regular engine oil changes cause no problem at this position unless the engine heats up.

Make sure when you change the engine oil brands must meet the requirements of the engine at a present time.

Use synthetic oil if your vehicle model is 2008 and above.

Changing the motor oil brand does affect it to some extent, it could be in a good way if the replacement is done with synthetic oil, the same grade of synthetic oil or upgrade to a better brand with better technology.

Don’t use low-grade oil or low quality, which can cause engine damage, early indications are listed below:


  • While acceleration engine getting heat up
  • Engine noise change
  • White smoke/blue from the exhaust pipe when acceleration
  • Engine oil burning
  • Inspect spark plugs and look if they are wet.

Better to get advice from expert automotive mechanics or from your dealer when you want to change the oil brand.

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