Can You Change the Motor Oil Brands

People ask or confused before changing the oil brand or grade, let me phrase this with more detail about when to change the brand or grade of the car would be best suitable for the car.

It’s not as easy to recommend a perfect brand with the most suitable grade for the engine before investigate deeply what oil with brand most suited to the car.

Additionally, the other major point about engine oils is whether to go for synthetic or semi synthetic (mineral oil).

People in Asia use mineral or semi synthetic oil with the API of SG or SM but in other countries, people use synthetic with FA API which is the latest technology among oils.

Synthetic oils are more advanced and refined instead of mineral oils they just only save the engine friction.

An average a car can cover 400,000 kilometers with one engine, in reality, didn’t reach or close to that figure. Low-quality oil with wrong grade selection is the first reason for every reason of engine oil burn or engine failure.

Mechanics find different reasons for engine oil burn such as:

  • Bad Piston Rings
  • Bad PCV
  • Valve Guide Seals

All these above cases link to the oil standard and quality which most people ignore it so be careful about the oil.

When to change the oil brand

Switching brands is not harmful to your engine as long as you choose an oil marked with the API donut of the same level, e.g., API

here are some steps to follow before selecting any brand.


  • Brands are different in each country, so select the most popular in terms of performance wise among all brands.
  • The second one was a hard one to catch, try to buy from recommended oil store, too many copies sell in the market on the name of popular brands, wrong oil could cause the engine damage severely.
  • Get an expert advice about the oil brand with good quality.
  • Each brand have a difference in the grade viscosity, therefore, make sure about the correct viscosity and API.

Other reason for changing brand and grade

New Engines from 0- 85,000 kmph

Before select must read car manual about the recommended oil grade.

Excessive engine oil consumption for new engine could be a grade problem.

Engine wants high viscosity oil to fill up the gap such as 10w-40-15-40-20w-50.

Grade viscosity can be different with the same grade among different brands so if that is the case as mentioned, use synthetic oil instead of semi synthetic and get some experts advice about the brand with synthetic technology.

Old engines above 90,000 kmph

Regular on time engine oil change cause no problem at this position unless engine heat up, a repaired engine with low quality parts used or low quality oil used in the engine, In these cases no possible recovery available, engine must have to repair totally.

The last reason doesn’t come as fast as engine heat up, it takes time before indicating about the damage of engine, early detection could save the engine for couple of thousand kilometers.


  • While acceleration engine getting heat up
  • Engine noise change
  • White smoke/blue from exhaust pipe when acceleration
  • Engine oil burning
  • Inspect spark plug and look if they are wet.