Honda Maintenance Code A1

The Maintenance Minder technology from Honda is an advanced vehicle maintenance function that senses the vehicle to say specifically when specific maintenance tasks are needed. On the information display, the Maintenance Minder system displays warning codes. Warning codes are based on the operating conditions of the car and cumulative revolutions of the engine.

The Honda Maintenance A1 code means that it is now time to replace the engine oil, rotate tires, check tire pressure, and inspect tire condition.

To Elaborate about Honda Maintenance Code A1 Mean

The code displayed is a Honda Maintenance Minder feature that tells you not just when repair is needed for your car, but precisely what maintenance is required.

The code is comprised of a main item (letters) and sub items (numbers), each with their own distinct definition.

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Main Items

A – Replace engine oil

B – Replace engine oil and oil filter. Inspect certain systems and parts

Sub Items

1 – Rotate tires, check tire pressure and quality

2 – Replace air cleaner element, inspect drive belt, replace dust and pollen filter

3 – Replace transmission fluid

4 – Replace spark plugs, inspect valve clearance

5 – Replace engine coolant

6 – Replace rear differential fluid

7 – Replace brake fluid

Anytime Honda Repair Minder indicates your car needs servicing, there is still a main item. There will be one or two sub-items occasionally.

For starters, the code “A1” means that you need to replace the oil of your car and rotate your tires, maintain proper tyre strength, or get your tires replaced.

Through displaying the oil life of your car as a percentage, Honda Maintenance Minder also lets you know that service is due soon. The Repair Minder light will turn on at 15 per cent oil life.


Don’t ignore these types of warning alert, ignorance could cause a major damage to your car and the driver itself.

Go straight to your nearest maintenance workshop and fix it as soon as you see the warning alert on your Honda dashboard.

Cost will be depend upon your car and specific issues required, however the reason for A1 code turn on, when a car need engine oil, oil filter and coolant and brake fluid replacement, so average price start from $40 to over $100

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