Cool Car Accessories for Guys 2018-19

This is the list of 2018 best smart and cool car accessories for guys to make a life easier while on a road, Accessories includes car gadgets and other essential items for a vehicle, List also includes the top sold items so far according to Amazon and other popular platforms and all these accessories are economical and very handy for a car.


All listed below products are based on critical research and user feedback, it simply doesn’t not hold any advertisement or promotion whatsoever.

Here is the list of Cool Car Accessories for Guys

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver

This Aux device can connect two devices at a time with the feature of speaker for hands free calling, play music, hand free audio adaptor, wireless car kit for home/ car stereo system, it can support almost every phone in the market, perfect device for those who requires to be on a road frequently.

Price on Amazon: $13.99 USD

Popup Windshield Sunshade Ultimate Auto Protector

Protect you interior from extra UV Rays from this just by using this gadget, it can drop down car temperature dramatically almost cover up to 99 percent of your windshield to be able to protect your interior, upholstery, electronic items and car temperature, very easy to use and repack within a few seconds, you don’t have to wait before it gets open or close, suitable for larger Sedans, SUVs and Trucks, however if you want extra care about how to protect your car from hot temperature then there is another gadgets called must-have summer car gadgets.

Price on Amazon: $14.95 USD

LED Glow 4pc. Multi-Color LED Car Interior Under dash Lighting Kit

7 types of color (bright yellow, teal, pink, blue, purple and white) in this kit with having a 24 SMD LEDs can customize your car interior you always wanted, simple to installed underneath the dashboard, More to know about this go to Amazon.

Price on Amazon: $34.99 USD

Drop Stop

Frustrated from things falling under a gap on a car seats, this gadgets can prevent this from dropping phones, car keys, coins, jewelry, drops stop is the only brand in this product offers unique drop stop which fit perfectly to fill a gap, it can fit to any car size seats by having a stretching ability, regardless of what car color interior has this product creates a natural dark shadow almost invisible to everyone, Comes with 2 pairs of set 1 for driver and 1 for passenger.

Price on Amazon: $19.99 USD

CAW.CAR Accessories Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Car mount isn’t the new one on the market you can find it out everywhere with lots of different brands, but the real question is that not all car mount are as good as they advertised, some of them doesn’t hold for a days or months, or some of them doesn’t fit or hold all devices to a magnet they advertise, therefore after through research and users feedback CAW.COM Car Mount magnet is the best with having a ability to hold and fit almost all devices up to 8 inches, very powerful magnet on this mount which wouldn’t drop your device at any condition even not on a rough road patches, CAW.COM has variety of different design car mount products, it’s up to you to choose the best, but be stick with the CAW.CAR regarding car mount gadget.

Price on Amazon: $10 to 27 USD

Portable jumper starter kit (Suaoki)

You must have this accessory even you don’t drive a lot, it could help to not stop on a road in case of battery problem, these portable jumper starter can be use more than 22 times in one single charge so you don’t have to be worry every day to get charge, however this gadget is expensive but worthwhile to spend some cash on it, get the Suaoki  portable jumper starter kit brand, although there are many other good brands in a portable jumper starter kit product available in the market, it up to you to get the good one but wise to keep that in a car and to know more about extra gadgets regarding battery then there is an article top 10 famous car battery gadgets.

Price on Amazon: $79.99 USD

USB car charger (Max Boost)

Not all charger have a capacity to charge a smart phones, and the last thing you don’t want a dead phone while travelling, in addition not all cars have a USB port so this MaxBoost two port can be fit to a smoking pocket and can charge fast two phones simultaneously.

Price on Amazon: $9.99 USD

Radar detector (Escort)

Radar detector can help the driver to alert you to slow down a speed on a death trap or a sign of to reduced down speed to a certain limit, this gadget could be the best gadget among those countries where the road laws are strict, it could save you to get a penalty/fine or points on a driver license, however the product is expensive from other products similar in line, but this one is proven and reliable and will never betray you on a road.

Price on Amazon: $300 USD

Blind Spot Mirror (Ampper)

Not all car have a features of blind spot monitoring which is very essential on a high density roads, one of the best features in new cars these days is the blind spot alert function. The feature is basically just a light built into the side view mirror that flashes when someone is in your blind spot.

Price on Amazon: $6.89 USD

Scosche Mpqhc-Xtsp1 Magic Mount Pro Charge Universal

A brilliant and innovative product available in the market, it not only good for mounting devices but it can charge as well, this product has a ability to charge without wire up to 10 watts, certified for safety and compatibility to provide Qi compatible devices.

Price on Amazon: $59.95 USD

Other Car Cool Accessories for guys:

Backup camera (Pearl Tech Rear Vision System)

It wouldn’t be need if you don’t have in a car, but if you want to be more safe and sound or your car design wouldn’t allow you a clear view in case of reverse than Pearl Tech backup camera is the one to get it, design by ex-apple engineer, this Pearl Tech Rear vison system has three components two high definition back up cameras along with license plate frame, ODB adapter and car magnetic mount to stick your smart phone on a dashboard, once you connected by plugging adapter on a OBD port a video stream start to display on your smart phone, alert you in case of obstacles or a possible course to collision.

Price on Pearl’s Website: $399 USD


You can choose the best one from the best TPMS system.

Other Accessories for a new car can be find it out by clicking this Article: 14 Essential Car Accessories for New Car

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