2021 Silverado 2.7 Problems

You expect to arrive at your destination quickly and in style when you drive a vehicle with a 2021 Silverado 2.7. Unfortunately, like their predecessors, these current Chevy automobiles have significant Problems that most owners are unaware of until it’s too late.

What kind of problems are we talking about? Keep reading to discover the answer!

The Electrical System Is Having Issues

With so much to perform, the Chevy Silverado 1500 requires a sophisticated electrical system. Customers, on the other hand, are certain that this technology isn’t up to par.

Here’s an example from a review on Edmunds. “I have a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, and with less than 3000 miles on the vehicle, my check engine light has come on three times. It’s the same code every time I go. They claim that they were unable to identify any problems, so they just reset the bulb. I’m tired of this truck, and I’ll be returning to the dealer in the morning since my check engine light has come on for the fourth time in less than three months.”

Nothing appears to have changed from prior models. In fact, the 2019 and 2020 vehicles’ electrical systems were so bad that class-action lawsuits were launched against GM. The 7-inch in-dash entertainment systems have been a big source of criticism, and it appears that the 2021 vehicles will follow suit. No matter how many times GM’s wrists are slapped, it appears that the firm does not learn.

Here’s an example of a genuine NHTSA complaint about 2021 Chevrolet Silverado Electrical System Issues:

This 2021 Silverado hand had a complete electrical failure, leaving it dead on the road at night. In the dark at 9:00 pm at night, we had no power and no warning flashers. As we broke down at the intersection without street lights, we were nearly hit by a car coming around corner. This truck has had the full engine replaced, problems with the infotainment system, and now a complete electrical shutdown with less than 500 miles on it. We were unable to get the vehicle to do anything and had to wait for a wreaker for two hours on the road.

2021 Silverado 2.7 Problems

Engine-related issues

When it comes to towing or hauling, it’s critical to ensure that the vehicle can handle the job. The ride becomes everything but delightful without a reliable engine.

Customers are talking about it, as seen by this Edmunds review. “Have a new 2021 Silverado and the engine started with a ticking sound, then went to a knocking sound, then every light on the dash came on Check engine, traction control, brakes, transmission everything so we took it to the dealer and they said it was a bad lifter her car has been there for five weeks now I know there are more issues with the car than that lifter the sound of the engine was so bad.”

GM is well aware that there are issues with the engines. Even more, the carmaker released Service Bulletin #PIP5776C, which describes a misfiring situation caused by lifters that fall apart. The four lifters, as well as the lifter guide, must all be replaced to correct the problem. This isn’t supposed to happen on modern trucks, especially at this price. The Silverado 1500 is little more than a glorified wheelbarrow without a working engine.

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Here’s an example of a genuine NHTSA complaint about Chevrolet Silverado Engine Problems:

The contact owns a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The contact stated while driving at various speeds, the vehicle would not accelerate when the accelerator pedal was depressed. The contact also stated that a loud knocking sound was coming from the bottom of the vehicle while reversing. The contact stated that the check engine warning light was illuminated. The vehicle was taken to a local dealer where it was diagnosed with the timing belt needing to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired however, the failure recurred. The manufacturer had not been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 2,500.

The Powertrain Is Having Issues

The powertrain is another mechanism that works in tandem with the engine to propel the vehicle forward. However, there is another important area that is producing problems.

Another Edmunds review worth mentioning is this one. “At around 4,000 miles, I began to notice an occasional vibration/shutter while gently giving it gas. It currently has roughly 9,000 miles on it and does it on a regular basis. It’s a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.7 liters. Has visited three dealers, including one twice. They claim there’s nothing wrong with it in a magical way. Yes, I spotted that, but that’s because it’s a 4cyl, according to one dealer. Everyone who gets in it wonders why it’s doing that. I feel as though the dealers are lying to me in order to avoid having to fix it. I despise being behind the wheel of this truck!”

Again, issues are being dealt with by GM, but not in the way owners wish. Service Bulletin #PIP5794A discusses the shudder that is occurring with the truck. However, GM states it is just coming from the camshaft actuator system and is “mistaken for a transmission issue.” Basically, the automaker is saying, “nothing to see here.”

2021 Silverado 2.7 Problems

Problems with the Suspension

When it comes to providing a smooth ride, the suspension system must be of the highest quality. This is just another area in which the Silverado pickups fall short.

“The antilock brake system (ABS), brakes, and electronic stability control system (ESC) may not light,” according to the NHTSA. As a result, the driver may be unaware if any of these systems are malfunctioning.”

Previously, class-action lawsuits were brought over the treatment of prior Silverado models. When driving at greater speeds, such as those encountered on the highway, several customers noticed that their automobiles vibrated and shook. The “Chevy Shake” became so common as a result of its widespread occurrence. Based on what has been observed thus far, the 2021 Silverado will follow suit, causing further litigation.

Other 2021 Silverado 2.7 Problems

Poor Fuel Economy

The low fuel efficiency of the GM 2.7 turbo is perhaps the most noticeable flaw. When you drive around in a truck powered by this engine, you’ll just get terrible gas mileage.

This engine, for example, appeared to be an intriguing addition to the Chevy Silverado. Those who prefer driving Chevy automobiles will appreciate several characteristics of this engine…at least on paper.

Owners discovered it had a fuel economy of roughly 19.6 miles per gallon after driving it around. This is a lower mileage than promised, and you’ll notice the difference at the pump if gas prices climb.

Low Power

Truck owners have varied expectations for their vehicles. Some drivers, for example, simply want to travel from point A to point B. When other drivers accelerate, they want a lot of power.

And the GM 2.7 Turbo hasn’t impressed many of these “power” drivers. While the turbo delivers a decent boost, many people find the non-turbo experience to be too sluggish.

Obviously, this is a question of personal preference. However, several people who have driven the Chevy Silverado say that it only feels like a regular truck when the turbo is turned on. In other words, the feature that should cause the vehicle to accelerate functions just to make the drive feel regular.

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