2017 Rav4 Transmission Problems

A transmission is the mechanism that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It achieves this by changing gears, and it plays a critical role in vehicle control.

However the best-selling Toyota RAV4 isn’t without drawbacks. After being one of the best SUV options available, drivers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the vehicle. Take a look at the 2017 rav4 transmission problems.

Common 2017 rav4 transmission problems

Clunky and Rough Shifting Automatic Transmission

A clunky and rough-shifting automatic transmission has been recorded on the 2017 Rav4. This problem seems to be more closely related to the Rav4’s 6-speed automatic transmission versus the hybrid drive system’s CVT.

The transmission often does not go into drive from reverse, and it jumps gears dramatically on hills, according to owners. Again, this is more of a programming and architecture concern with the transmission and its selector than a real issue. The transmission on the 2017 Rav4 would cost you about $4000 if it fails for any reason.

How to Prevent:

To ensure that the transmission does not trouble you during regular service, you can push the Rav4 hard. Bear in mind that the transmission is engineered to change harshly – and at times dramatically. Taking the car on a long uphill grade if possible to see if the transmission’s action is satisfactory.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that behaviors shuddering and low speed lurching are not by design. If you get confused, just ask your mechanic.

Transmission Won’t Shift Gears

The fluid in an automatic transmission is one of the reasons that it won’t change into gear. It will damage the gears if it is not at the proper stage or if the wrong form is used.

Another big reason has to do with the ECM possibly going bad. Also, there could be issues with the sensors or solenoids (a type of electromagnet). There could be a bad connection, or they could be faulty or worn out.

This is more popular in older cars, such as the Toyota RAV4. When the ECM is fried, it can’t adequately track the vehicle’s operations, which can lead to more severe problems. As a result, you can replace the ECM as soon as possible.

How to Prevent:

Reason behind this explained above, so what to do against this to be able to make sure that would not occur in the future.

Once you find that your vehicle gears isn’t shifting as it was then you might need a replacement gear oil and in case of wont shift gears then you might need a ECM replacement or required full service from expert mechanic.

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