What Happens If Transmission Goes Out While Driving

vehicle to become disabled. Without a functioning transmission, your car will not be able to move and will come to a stop. If this happens, you will need to have the transmission repaired or replaced before you can drive the vehicle again.

Note: Some people might try to convince you that driving a car with a bad transmission is safe. That’s not true. Driving a car with a bad transmission can be a death sentence.

But what should you do if you’re already on the road and your transmission breaks? Is it still safe to drive the car?

What Happens If Your Car Transmission Goes Out While Driving and What to do?

If your transmission goes out while you are driving, it is important to take the following steps:

  1. Remain calm: It can be stressful to experience car problems while on the road, but it is important to stay calm and think clearly.
  2. Try to get to a safe location: If your transmission goes out while you are driving, it is important to try to get to a safe location as soon as possible. This could mean pulling off to the side of the road or onto the shoulder or finding a parking lot or other safe place to stop.
  3. Turn off the engine: Once you are in a safe location, turn off the engine. This will prevent further damage to the transmission and other components of your vehicle.
  4. Gather your belongings and any passengers: Make sure you have all of your belongings, including your keys, phone, and any important documents. If you have passengers with you, make sure they are also gathered and ready to exit the vehicle.
  5. Call for roadside assistance: If you have roadside assistance coverage through your insurance or through a membership program, now is the time to use it. Call for help and explain the situation. A tow truck will be dispatched to help you get your vehicle off the road.
  6. Get your car towed: If you do not have roadside assistance or if you are unable to reach a safe location, you may need to get your car towed. It is important to have your vehicle transported to a reputable repair shop so that the transmission can be properly repaired or replaced.
  7. Have the transmission repaired or replaced: Once your car is at a repair shop, the technician will diagnose the problem with the transmission and determine the best course of action. If the transmission can be repaired, the technician will do so. If the transmission is beyond repair, it will need to be replaced. This can be a costly repair, but it is necessary in order to get your car running properly again.

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