United Bravo Vs Mehran 2019

To choose from one of these two vehicles, instantly you inclined towards United bravo due to so many advantages over Mehran, however few plus points of Mehran over United Bravo can easily counter the whole benefits of United Bravo.

Characteristics of Mehran over United Bravo

Market Value

  • Mehran in small segment class is the only vehicle in the category of 800cc remain in the top spot in terms of resale value, you can sell Mehran anytime you want to be.
  • Minimum deprecation on Mehran car has been a very incentive for the buyers to buy and sell with minimum loss to his value.
  • United Bravo has little to none market value, anyone wants to buy would have to in mind of difficult to resale or bear more loss than Mehran.

Spare parts

  • Mehran offers the cheapest parts across Pakistan, so far no vehicle in this class has the potential to beats in terms of spare parts availability and parts price.
  • United Bravo parts only be available at their registered service centers in limited cities of Pakistan, therefore suggestion to interested buyers to buy only where centers are there in your cities.


  • Suzuki is a renowned brand across the world, and Mehran with Suzuki Logo gives more confidence in the market as compare to new local entrants.
  • United Bravo is a local brand a collaboration with Chinese companies, therefore it will takes time to get some of the market share of Pakistan, if the quality of the products and services they are stated to provide will be consistent until they get a good market share out of Pakistani market.

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United Bravo Advantages over Mehran

  • Electric Power steering, auto doors, power windows, infotainment system, A/C & Heater, Mid display, wood panel combination on dashboard and Parking sensors makes him attractive, safer and very stylish, Mehran is opposite of all these features and specification not even a single feature available in it except A/C which comes in with higher variant.

Ride Quality

  • United Bravo is more Aerodynamic then Mehran thanks to its wide body shape,  hydraulic brakes with independent suspension systems.

Exterior Look

  • Bravo not only looking good from inside, but it also looks stylish and elegant from outside to be precisely (exterior body).
  • Mehran not even in the league to match him against bravo inside and outside body looks and features.

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Last Verdict

  • Other good competitors will be launching their cars soon in the market such as Prince Pearl, Honda Brio and itself Suzuki Alto, therefore better to stay for a while until Alto launched and then evaluate whether which one would be better suits to you.
  • United Bravo has little to none market value, anyone wants to buy would have to be in mind of none resale market or bear more loss much larger than Mehran in case of resale.

Detail Specifications United Bravo Vs Mehran VXR

Standard Configuration

United Bravo

Luxury Version

Mehran VXR

Vehicle Dimension (L×W×H) mm 3290×1600×1490 3300×1405×1410
Wheelbase mm 2170 2175
Min. Ground Clearance mm 150 155
Engine Model LJ368QA, Suzuki technology LJ368QA, Suzuki technology
Type three cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, EFI three cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, EFI
Displacement ml 796 796
Bore × stroke mm 68.5× 72 68.5× 72
Compression ratio 9.4:1 9.4:1
Transmission Manual, 4 forward, 1 reverse Manual, 4 forward, 1 reverse
Clutch Single dry, Diaphragm spring Single dry, Diaphragm spring
Suspension System Independent suspension Front: Strut, Coil Spring

Rear: Leaf Spring

Brake System FR/RR) Hydraulic brake, Front disc & Rear disc Front disc & Rear drum
Fuel tank L 30 30
Fuel Consumption Km/L 22 22
Power Window YES N/A
Front Fog lamp YES N/A
Collision protection beam YES N/A
Heater YES YES
Vacuum booster YES N/A
Safety belt YES YES
Aluminum Alloy Rim YES N/A
Immobilizer N/A YES
Variable Configuration  
Steering EPS Rack & Pinion
Remote Control Lock YES YES
Price 900,000 860,000

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