Wagon R Vs Cultus New

Limited options for the Pakistani car users to select Small in size cars especially in local manufactured brands, here is the only options in Pakistan the maximum anyone could get it in a small car segment.

Mehran could be the other choice, but that would be for those who can’t afford Wagon r or Cultus, otherwise Mehran might not seems be the ideal car for anyone in terms of price, quality and safety.

Here both cars with same Suzuki brand will going to be evaluate their specification, safety, fuel economy and price.


Wagon R comes in two variant VXR and VXL, Both variants does come with power steering but front power windows with the option of 4 door central locking system only available in VXL.

Both variants have fabric seats with the difference of beige (VXR) and black (VXL).

Cultus 2019 comes in three variants VXR, VXL AND AGS, VXR, VXL and AGS have a same features inside the cabin with 4 door power windows, central Locks, Power steering with tachometer.

However Wagon R and Cultus hold a lot of differences inside the cabin, but can be a close margin against the top variant of Wagon R VXL except the 2 front door power windows option.


Cultus a way head from Wagon R in terms of safety,  VXL of New Cultus do have 2 front air bags, ABS brakes which isn’t in the Wagon R even not in his top variant, however Cultus VXR missing with all these options and can be a very close competitor against the top brand of Wagon R.


Both cars have same k10B 998cc engine.


Due to more aerodynamic Cultus win the race by almost 4 km/h, Wagon R in one Liter can do 16 to 17 kmph vice-versa New Cultus can do 20 to 21 km h.



New Cultus is elegant, stylish in design with a sleek line to make it more attractive and aerodynamic is no doubt the first choice leaving behind Wagon R.





New base variant of Cultus starting price is 1410,000 which is more than the top variant of Wagon R VXL 1310,000.

Price of AGS variant in Cultus is 1638,000 which comes with Auto Transmission.


Wagon R do have a more resale value than New Cultus, however Cultus gaining a market rapidly and very soon will overtake Wagon R.


It depends on how is your budget, but to be very honest base variant of Cultus is far better than the top variant of Wagon R in terms of performance, comfort and exterior shape.

Features and specification in detail of Wagon R vs Cultus New 2019

Brands Cultus






Wagon R



Wagon R



Air Bags (2) N/A 2 Front N/A N/A
Air Conditioner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alloy Wheels N/A Yes No Yes
Anti-Lock Braking System N/A Yes No No
Cup Holders 2 Front 2 Front 2 Front 2 Front
Folding Rear-Seat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immobilizer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Door Locks Yes Yes No Yes
Power Steering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Windows 4 door 4 door N/A 2 Front
Power Mirrors Yes Yes N/A N/A
Front Speakers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear Speakers N/A Yes N/A N/A
Arm Rest Yes Yes N/A N/A
Child Lock Yes Yes Yes Yes
AM/FM Radio Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD Player Yes Yes Yes Yes
Defogger Yes Yes N/A N/A
Front Fog Lights N/A Yes N/A N/A
Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steering Adjustment Yes Yes N/A N/A
Tachometer Yes Yes N/A Yes
Keyless Entry Yes Yes N/A N/A
USB and Auxiliary Cable Yes Yes N/A Yes
Heater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi Info Yes Yes N/A Yes
Engine Displacement in cc 998 998 998 998
Engine Technology Euro 2 K10 Euro 2 K10 Euro 2 K10 Euro 2 K10
Price 1410,000 1531,000 1224,000 1310,000

To get to know further please click this site for more info… Suzuki Pakistan


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