Toyota Prius Vs Honda Civic Hybrid

In motor industry car manufacturers are more focus on to make and sell hybrid, plug in hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicle in the car market after many major countries shifting their policy towards to protect or improve earth environment. hamza

Here in this article we particularly discuss about Prius and Honda hybrid car comparison, exterior, interior and other benefits and drawbacks.

However Honda discontinued their product in 2014, but according to Honda they are expecting to launch a hybrid version in the later year of 2018. Honda already launched a new generation civic model with complete redesigned interior, exterior and engine, in the hybrid version the only change will be under the hood with the addition of hybrid technology, According to news civic hybrid tech will be the same as Honda insight or Honda accord hybrid. In the Detroit auto show 2017 CEO Honda announced to launch a dedicated version of Honda civic hybrid.

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Toyota Prius Vs Honda Civic Hybrid:


  • Prius has Toyota Sense System which includes Lane Departure, Pre Collision system with pedestrian detection, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic high beam comes as a standard to all variants, Honda Civic also has the same system with the name of Honda Smart Sense.
  • There is another feature called smart safety system which includes Vehicle stability control, Traction control, EBD ABS and EBS also comes as a standard in Prius and Same in the Honda Civic.
  • Another intelligent Prius system called Enhanced parking system which helps the driver and protect the vehicle from Collison when parking, it also guide to park your car via controlling steering automatically, however Honda doesn’t have that system even in top variant for car park guidance.
  • In addition Prius has 11.4 inch infotainment system, Separate MID display, Blind spot monitoring, Wireless charger, Heads up display, Smart key system and Heated front seats, Honda Also has 8.0 inch infotainment system with MID display, smart key system, heads up display and heated front seats in the top variant.

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  • LED Taillights, 17 inch allow wheels, 27.cubic feet of trunk space and rigid body design. However Honda offers many features as compare to Toyota Prius, but both vehicles have different body shape with different market.


  • Prius offers 1.8 VVT-I With two electric motors which generates 95 bhp and 142 NM torque. On the other hand Honda Civic offers 2.0 I-VTEC and expected to offer a two Electric motors which generates 158 bhp and 138 pound feet of torque.


  • Prius estimated average mileage 58 miles per gallon.
  • Honda estimated average Mileage range is 52 Miles per gallon.


  • Prius Starting price: 25,165 US dollars
  • Honda Starting Price: 23,900 US dollars

Market Competitiveness:

Honda civic hybrid started production in 2002 and discontinued his production at the end of 2014 with a total sales in US Approximately 230, 000 Honda Civic Units till 2014 out of total 280,000 units produced and sold worldwide.

In comparison to Toyota Prius, they started production in 1997 with three variants in the line of Prius hybrid and till the end of 2014 they sold alone in the US 1.7 million units.

Honda became the third in the hybrid category the most selling units in US after Toyota and Camry till the date of their last production in 2014. Honda can get the huge hybrid market in the US and other countries.

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Last Reviews of Toyota Prius Vs Honda Civic Hybrid:

Both vehicles offers similar features and technology including unit price except the engine and estimated average mileage, In addition the Prius is a hatchback car as compare to Honda civic a complete sedan car. Choice would be based on customer preference rather than Specs and Features.

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