Toyota Prado Vs Haval H9 2018-19

Toyota Prado 

Toyota is one company that is not shy of churning for off roaders and SUVs. Prado is one of a offerings from this company which lies between the Land Cruiser and the Fortuner, Last year in 2016, the Prado was one of the most popular off roaders in the large SUV category, prado managed to beat Hyundai Santa Fe, the Kluger, and Mazda CX-9.

The last generation of Toyota Prado was launched in 2009 but a fresh look was given to the vehicle in 2013 through an upgrade. Latest turbo diesel engine and an upgrade transmission further added to its appeal.

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Haval H9

The Haval H9 is an ambitious Chinese offering in the SUV range which hit the market a few months ago. The off roader boasts all the capabilities and luxuries of an SUV.

The Haval H9 is currently one of the most expensive Chinese cars currently being sold in the Western markets.

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Comparison between Toyota Prado Vs Haval H9

It is obvious that Haval had its sights set on Toyota’s Prado when it began developing its own off-roader, the H9. This idea is further enhanced by the fact that Prado is regarded as a benchmark by many Chinese. Incidentally the current engineering vice president of Haval, Mr. Fukusato used to be the Chief engineer at Toyota.
The number 1 SUV producer of China offered Mr. Fukusato a research and development centre worth 2.5 billion dollars. He was supposed to come up with a vehicle that would give some hard time to Toyota.

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Toyota Prado isn’t as easy as for other competitors to think to take a share out from prado market, however haval H9 although a very good SUV, But it takes time for them to be in the stage of  comparison against prado in terms of to get a market & people confidence, reliability, performance and a good resale value.


Both the Haval H9 and Toyota Prado offer 5-star safety standards. When it comes to quality comfort and design, the Prado is already regarded as a trend setter. However, the Haval H9 also comes with the best design, quality and comfort matched with any Western-style SUV.
The Haval H9 is the leader of the H series. It is developed to cater to all terrains owing to a dual range transfer case and a rugged ladder chassis. The H9 is 1,926 mm wide and 4,856 mm in length which makes it just a little wider than Toyota Prado. It can seat seven persons in three rows. The Prado can seat 8 persons.

The design team of the H9 headed by former designer from BMW have come up with a vehicle with perfectly crafted proportions. The resultant is a car that could easily find a place in any showroom in the high-end Korean and Japanese markets.

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The Haval H9 features multi link suspension in the rear and double suspension at the front which results in a great off road flexibility and a highly luxurious ride. The power train of the vehicle in fitted in a longitudinal manner which drives the rear wheels of the car. When there is a need the vehicle switches to the all-wheel driving mode.
What could be seen as a shortcoming of the Haval H9 compared to Toyota Prado is that its engine is a 2 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder. That is why the petrol H9 produces 160 kW and 324 Nm torque. The towing capacity of vehicle is 2.5 tons. Fuel consumption is 12 liters / 100 kilometers.


The three rows of seats in the Haval H9 are fitted with side airbags. There is tyre pressure monitoring, hill holder, collision warning, parking sensors and reverse cameras.

The Haval H9 does not offer autonomous braking system or blind spot warning which we can find in Toyota Prado.


The Haval H9 comes in two specifications; the cloth upholstered Premium version from 46,490 Australian Dollars, and the leather-clad Lux at 50,990 Australian Dollars.

The cheapest version of Prado costs 52,990 Australian Dollars for the diesel manual 5-seater GX. The highly affordable 7-seat automatic cost 57,490 Australian Dollars.

Final Verdict

Both vehicles cost the same with little price difference, H9 accommodate 7 which is less than prado with the capacity of 8, H9 offer single 2.0L engine which limit the customer preference to a 2.0L class category, prado offers from 2.7 to 4.0L with diesel and petrol variants, to take account all features and other factors it is unlikely to be possible to capture prado market.



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