Which engine oil is best for Honda CG 125 and CD 70

Nothing much changed from the last 15 years in the engines technology except some stickers, and minor design modification, however still very popular in Asian countries especially in Pakistan where people love CG 125 and CD 70, Both bikes known for unique characteristics, CG 125 loved as a fast reliable with under the budget bike and CD 70 known as a fuel economical with affordable for the lower and middle class.

Which engine oil is best Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70 is a single cylinder 4 stroke engine OHV air cooled engine with the top speed of 93 kilometers per hour.

Old Engine (More than 5 years old)

Old Honda CD engine need to look after more than the new one, therefore only use original authentic engine oils from the shop, don’t compromise the quality with the price.

  • Shell Advance 4T 20W-50
  • Havoline 4T 20W-50

These three are natural mineral Engine oils, don’t try to use synthetic oil into this engine, synthetic is thinner than mineral therefore could not fill up the gap into the engine.

New Engines (Less than 1 years old)

The new engine requires best oil for optimal performance in the long run so try to use the best one available at your near.

  • Castrol Active 4T

This one is the best among all oils if not available then use Shell Advance with a lower grade than 20w-50 as an alternate.

Which engine oil is best Honda CG 125

Old engine (More than 5 years old)

Same engine technology except for a more horsepower than CD 70, therefore, needs good oil for better performance.

  • Castrol Active 4T 20w-50
  • Shell Advanced 20w-50

New engine (Less than 1 years old)

New CG 125 has little refinement in the engine as an eco mono technology used to perform better and less emission to be able to meet road standards.

  • Kixx 10w-40
  • Zic 10w-40

It’s synthetic oil which is best in the class of the oil brands however mineral oil can be used such as shell, Castrol but not as effective as synthetic oil, therefore use synthetic one than the mineral one.

This oil is recommended for CG, Dreams, Pridor, and CBR as well.

which engine oil is best for Honda CG 125 and cd 70: based on all data collected from local bike market and retailers.

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